The WPBSA has released the following statement in the wake of Stephen Lee's arrest by police as part of a match fixing investigation:

"We are aware of the recent news articles concerning match fixing and are awaiting further reports.

"In instances where the Gambling Commission commences an investigation into a match, the WPBSA works together with the Commission to assist in its enquiries and the WPBSA will hold its own investigation open pending the conclusion. However, neither the Commission nor the WPBSA will release information surrounding a betting matter while an investigation is ongoing."

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Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you lad! It’s so correct of Barry and Steve, and the other board members to hold there fire on the alleged complaints over a member.
The lad should get the same consideration sympathy and help as a favourite player or board member would expect from his equals or peers.

Personally I think that the new regime like the old has a few “Naughty Naughties” in the cupboard that have been overlooked in the past.
A charge against snookers creditability was sadly the main topic of some posts. The good name of Mr X seemed irrelevant to many blogs discussing the effect on mere sponsorships.

Responsible players should not need “A Get Out” or a “tit for tat” reason to be cleared of a kind of a snooker “faux pas”; as the game collectively as many secrets as yet uncovered.
Sadly the lovely game does not deserve to be called “Sneaky Clean”. Mr hey you