The International Billiards and Snooker Federation – the world governing body for amateur snooker – is to stage a World Championship for the six reds game in April.

Six reds snooker is particularly popular in Asia. The World Grand Prix, first held in 2008, returns to Bangkok, Thailand in July and is expected to attract a field full of big name players.

Ken Doherty was among the organising committee for the inaugural Six Reds World Championship in Killarney last December.

The IBSF tournament is imposing some rule changes.

The miss rule is abandoned completely. After any foul, players will be given three options:

1) Play themselves from where the balls come to rest
2) Get their opponent to play from where the balls come to rest
3) Play from the D

This is not hugely revolutionary as players already have the option to play themselves or put their opponent back in from a foul.

Putting the white in the D does not guarantee any sort of advantage as it obviously depends on where the ball on is positioned on the table.

The option to put the cue ball anywhere – as in 9 ball pool – would have seen frames speeded up but possibly too much. There are, after all, only six reds on the table to start with.

The other major change is that all fouls will be worth six points, apart from on the black which will still be worth seven.

I’m not sure why this rule has been introduced but it may be that as the miss rule has been scrapped, fewer fouls are expected so they should count for more.

My attitude to six reds snooker has not shifted: I don’t want it to replace the established 15 red version of the game but I have no problem with any events that give players more competitive opportunities and increase interest in the sport as a whole.

Barry Hearn, the new WPBSA chairman, has said six reds do not feature in his plans for new events but this does not mean he will discourage anyone else putting them on, although the IBSF is an entirely different organisation.


Anonymous said...

theyre good, but not great and should also be put on the backburner by WS (as suggested) until we see if BH and co get a much more full calendar

kildare cueman said...

Theres nothing wrong with 6 reds, or 1,3 or 10 reds for that matter. They are however, gimmicks just as Doubles , Grim Reapers and Big Break are and will never replace championship snooker in the same way that Wayne Rooneys Street Football or the World Keepy Uppey tourn will not replace 90 min football.

Thats not to say though that gimmicks dont have their place and I believe 6 reds might have a place in betting shops, where punters might want a quick tenner on an even money shot. Journeyman pros could be employed by bookies in much the same way as bags meetings are currently sponsored.
This would have a double benefit. It would,

1. Provide struggling pros with valuable income and match practise.
2. Introduce new supporters to the game, some of whom would become fully fledged snooker fans.

There would also be an opportunity to provide businesses with name penetration in return for sponsoring competitions or even individual matches at a vastly reduced rate to what it currently costs to sponsor a pro event. Sponsor happy, Bookies happy and punters happy.

The viewing public will have the final say though. if enough people watch 6 reds, sponsors will be attracted. prize money will increase and top players will choose it over the 15 red game. Like most snooker fans I hope this never happens, and championship snooker will again thrive as a mainstream sport.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that the IBSF have jumped on the IBSF bandwagon and annouced a new event event though they haven't announced a venue yet for the World Under-21's.

Hosting the Under-21's should be their priority as too often it is left unhosted as the IBSF announce new events like the World Team Cup or 6 Red's

Get your main two events sorted first before taking on more.

Dubai was mentioned before for the IBSF 6 Red but I wouldn't be too surprised if it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Dave is this tournament only open to amateur players?

jamie brannon said...

Just read the latest edition of Snooker Scene. As ever an engrossing read, it has this season possibly gone up in quality. Last season we were not always getting a notebook section to accompany the match reports. This is my favourite feature of the magazine.

There is a varied mix in the celebrity fans that Dave listthat are expressing their affection for snooker. I am surprised with Rod Liddle. Like him though it is so annoying that society at large seem so eager for instant entertainment so frequently.

Is it just me or is there ever a berk of the year winner? Or do just mention contenders for what is ultimately a mythical award?

It's ashame you did not make any reference to Ronnie's interview after the Robertson match at Wembley it was comedy gold.

I was particulary drawn to Brendan Moore talking about how difficult it is to become a top snooker referee. I have flirted with the idea myself, but I don't see how you could fit in the groundwork when there is no financial reward for it. Im thinking about becoming a teacher and like refereeing I need certain qualifications, but at least with the teaching route they finance your studies.

David Taylor once made a mind boggling seven successive centuries in an exibtion in 1985. However, I would imagine these type of breakbuilding exploits are commonplace at these shows? It makes you think that all professionals on their own are as good as each other really. The feeling that in the competitive arena that the game is 90% mental is given further affirmation.

Finally the letter from Chris Kingsworth is a well thought out structure for the 2010/11 season. I have to disagree with snooker scene not being in favour of a ranking event adopting the shot clock. Darts ranking events have a number of difference's between them and snooker is lagging behind for me.

Dave H said...

I assume is is. Best to contact the IBSF through their website.

Anonymous said...

No shot clocks in real ranking snooker please- why should some players who naturally play fast be given an unfair advantage.
It could always be balanced by a shot clock tournament where no shot can be played before 30 seconds has elapsed!

kidare cueman said...

I would be in favour of a shot clock myself.
Why should those players who create the wealth, i.e. quick entertaining flairy lads be disadvantaged by deliberate spoilers who are effectively subsidised by the former.
If slow players find it difficult, well thats unfortunate. It will just mean more full houses and better viewing figures at the business end of tournaments.

Anonymous said...

yes Jamie, and its also a shame not to mention how rude Ronnie was after losing and also talking to JP.

Complete ignoramus he is. Why mention his good things and give him praise when he acts like a little kid more often than not?

Anonymous said...

well balanced view there 10-27

:roll eyes:

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid shot clocks are the inevitable consequence of our dumbed down culture. Anything that takes a bit of intelligence or concentration has to go.

Also, Sky's figures for the PL are appalling.

Dave H said...

I think it boils down to this:

- If Sky will only show a ranking event if it has a shot clock should it go ahead? I'd say yes

- Should a shot clock be arbitrarily introduced into, say, the UK Championship? I'd say no

Keith said...

I'd be happier with a total shot clock more like chess - say an hour's playing time per player, (obviously league not knock-out). TV would like it - imagine knowing when a match will end!

Dave H said...

Three words for you: Pot Black Timeframe


Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you! The expression: “Too many cooks spoil the broth” is happening in snooker. The “Broth” or game is perfect and beautiful and doesn’t need change. The games only problem was the Snooker Professionals weren’t making enough money.

Introducing the word “Billiards” is a further step backwards. The reason “Snooker” is in bother is the game is mimicking the dull sameness that has outlawed billiards as an entertaining game. The present Professional Snooker does not entertain!

The sponsors are not interested in the number of red balls; only attracting viewers to buy there product. Snooker Dave is alive and well, but professional snooker has been kept alive by “Tobacco Money” for almost thirty long years.

Ronnie O Sullivan is carrying the Pro game. The lads picture represents snooker and will in time entitle Ronnie to “Image Rights” before each tournament. The professional game could easily become a “Private Enterprise”. Mr hey you.

PS You may use this Dave as the bases of your next Snooker Scene article. DM

Anonymous said...

Shot clocks must never be allowed to happen. To those who are fans of it, I say you are not real fans of snooker. How can you claim to understand snooker if you want players to be rushed into tactical errors and lower the quality of game because they haven't had time to think of the shot they want to play? It's ridiculous. In fact it's beyond ridiculous.

Back to the article, I'm all for a 6 red World Championship but I thought we already had that back in December? Also which is the worst month to hold another such event? Try April! I don't understand the thinking behind it.

Has anyone heard about the set play format I think they were going to introduce for 6 reds? Will they use that in this event?

jamie brannon said...

They did mention Ronnie's lack of courtesy for not staying to see Selby collect the trophy and I echo their disapproval.

I thought Snooker Scene were being diplomatic about Jimmy White getting a Wembley wildcard. I got the feeling they wanted it to go to Liang Wenbo.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hey You 'Snooker Dave is alive and well' it might be in your eyes but it sure aint in most people's.

Greg P said...

Anonymous 12:35, before you start banging your head on the wall, I'm sure this 6 reds WC in April is an event open to amatuer players only. So it won't really "clash" with the Crucible.

Anonymous said...

With regard to this business of Ronnie O'Sullivan's conduct after the final at Wembley, I do feel a couple of points are relevant.

The whole business of him leaving the arena before Mark Selby had been presented with the trophy is a non-issue - this has happened countless times over the years, with lots of different players, and it's never been remarked upon or seen as a problem.

And regarding his alleged rudeness in the television interview, this seems to be a vague accusation, largely based on his perfectly reasonable response of "No, not really" to John Parrott's ridiculous non-question "It's been a tough week hasn't it?"

For the record, I am not a Ronnie O'Sullivan fan as such so I'm not just unconditionally defending him. I've been as critical as anyone, of many of the things he's said and done over the years.

I just feel that if there's going to a debate about his post-final conduct, it should be fair and reasonable.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people can be at all negative about a brand new tournament, whatever it is. I organise tournaments myself and I know what a thankless task it can be. Anyone who takes the trouble to organise a new tournament, of any kind, should be applauded for it. Nobody is forced to enter. Anyone who doesn't fancy the format doesn't have to enter.

Have you ever played in a handicap tournament and heard all the gripes about "that player should never be off .... " etc. Well if they can't hack handicap tournaments they shouldn't enter them - yet they keep coming back time and again.

6 Reds snooker seems to get knocked alot but it's another variation of snooker, just like pairs, team, ladies etc. The more variation the better as far as I am concerned. I am sure some people would love to see snooker always played by men with 15 reds in singles format with no variation. Thank God these people don't run the game because if they did it would have died off years ago!

Anonymous said...

Shot clocks are definitely needed in ranking events if snooker is to compete with other sports. They have 25 seconds in men's tennis between points - they can cope with it, so why not snooker? For anyone who says shot clocks are not needed they are living in the past, they don't understand the modern world and they want snooker to die.

Anonymous said...

The IBSF version of the 6 red world championships is purely open to amatuers who will be selected through their national associations.

It was announced two weeks before the event in Ireland to take a bit of attention away from it as the IBSF didn't want it to happen or have countries send players, no venue or time was ever announced.

All the IBSF done was post the new rules on their website along with a hope that it would happen in April. They haven't announced anything new yet and with the European Team Cup and U-19's at the start of April and the Asain Under-21 and Billiards scheduled for April also I doubt it will.

Dont get me wrong I think it would be great for it to go ahead but not at the expense of existing events.

Anonymous said...


That's one of the funniest things I've ever read. Now go back to your game of pool.

Anonymous said...

1 - no theyre not.
2 - tennis isnt snooker and i dont make the comparison.
3 - you dont know me, so cant judge me as a person on that one comment.

Anonymous said...

8:35AM 'They have 25 seconds in men's tennis between points' since when? Maybe they should have a word with Novak Djokovic if this is the case, who takes an age to serve and who must bounce the ball about 300 times before he serves..

Anonymous said...

1 - Yes they are.
2 - I have made the comparison to show what the differences are between a thriving successful truly global sport and one not doing quite so well.
3 - I'm not judging you as a person, just your outdated views on shot clocks.

Anonymous said...

in your opinion

which i already read and didnt agree with, so i posted saying so

and now you post saying you disagree with me


are you just looking for an arguement?

folk disagree, thats life.

youre wrong, im right. ;)


Anonymous said...

You still did'nt answer about Novak Djokovic, i've never heard a buzzer going off when the 25 seconds are nearly up?????????

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr 3:04PM
Snooker The Fine art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared

Yes Dave the game is alive and well. Snooker the game cannot be harmed and will survive for ever.

It is the professional game that is and will always be in bother.
Professional players want paid for repeatedly singing the exact same song. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...



It's not an actual rule though is it it's an alloted time of 25 seconds no shot clock involved..

Anonymous said...

Re tennis and 25 seconds. That's for the women, the men only get 20 seconds, and it's up to the umpire to implement it. A warning at first, then one point lost, then game, etc.

Anonymous said...

20/25 second's its still not a SHOTCLOCK is it, a SHOTCLOCK is when you have a certain amount of time i.e 25 second's if you haven't played your shot in this time its a foul. 20/25 second's in tennis is an alloted time scale. So how come none of the player's were warned, point's lost or games lost in the you tube clip??

Janie (EBSA Media) said...

I can confirm that this event is NOT going ahead.

IBSf had hoped to stage an event in Dubai in April but nothing was ever set in stone and an IBSF Board Member confimed to me that it's a non starter at original planned venue and date.

Anonymous said...

Holding the event in Dubai pretty much guaranteed its demise.

Everything out there is falling apart now the cash has ran out, the dream is over....