It's very hard to follow in the footsteps of a famous parent.

Yes, it can bring advantages but the offspring will forever be compared to the father or mother and their own achievements will rarely be taken in isolation.

This week at Prestatyn, the sons of both Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry - the two most successful players of the modern era - are taking part in the Pontin's junior festival.

Greg Davis has entered the 15-20 age group event while Blaine Hendry competes in the 14 and unders.

It was inevitable given their upbringing that these two boys would become interested in snooker.

It would, of course, ask a lot for them - or anyone else for that matter - to emulate the careers of their fathers.

But their fledgling careers will doubtless provide moments of excitement for Steve and Stephen, who both had fathers committed to helping them on their way.

Bill Davis was for many years a permanent fixture at tournaments with his large cigar and amiable manner.

Gordon Hendry similarly shared the twists and turns of his own son's amazing career.

They were there before TV and fame and money, driving their sons to tournaments and equipping them with the tools to become top players.

The focus on young Davis and Hendry will be greater because of their lineage and this could lead to unfavourable comparisons through no fault of their own.

But they are at an age where they should just enjoy playing snooker - and leave the worrying to their dads.

Follow their progress at Global Snooker.


moondan said...

I suppose it will all depend on how much of their dads talent and obsession has rubbed off on them.

I havent heard any great things about either so Im not expecting too much but wish them well and you never know.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Young Hendry and Davis !
Reading Snooker Scene and CE's joy with his new laptop, made me laugh out loud when someone asked him when filing reports in years gone by if there was much more of this !
I think Hearn's may get the 1 frame tournament on itv4, i remember the last 1 frame tournament (won by Darren Morgan?) it ended up best of 3 final haha. i think we all know we need more tournaments, had the masters and then the welsh and now nothing to the china open, far to long a gap.

shaun foster said...

great news and if they have a ounce of there fathers committment or ability were in for a treat

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you lad! I am wee bit disappointed that a couple more of my posts were unworthy of showing to the Dave-Den blogs. This I cant understand Dave as I have both a copyright and an ASBN number 0 9517089 0 2 for my book to exact positive proof or authenticity.

The sons of champion players are great news Dave. I sincerely hope that they really want to embrace the game and not just to please Dad.
More importantly Dave I also hope that it is a serious hobby to combine with school or University as snooker practice is really hard work and can be very boring.

These two new apprentices Dave start with a big disadvantage! There first order from home is; do not listen to the hundreds of well meaning coaches. Nor will the lads be told that all coaching is based on the “Watch Me” and I’ll show you again method.

A point to note is the great Ronnie Os words on coaching his friend Ronnie Woods; I don’t know myself sometimes how I do it. Mr hey you

PS A wee copyright tip to all players. “More shots are missed by being Careful than being Careless.

Janie Watkins said...

We have a few more dads n lads and mums n daughters in action here too.

Oliver Lines, the current English Under 14 Champion is one to watch. He's the son of Peter Lines.

Maria Tart, former top ladies player is looking after BLaine Hendry as well as her own son James Cahill and her brother's lad Jason Tart.
The Tart family were and are a snooker dynasty.
I can (sadly) well remember getting hammered by Maria in my first ever WLBSA event, and one year in the Pontin's Festival was on the receiving end of another pounding by Maria's dad who was another good player.

Mark Jones is proudly watching over Hannah Jones, the only lady entrant this year.

Gary Filtness, another former pro has his son Jack playing.

Our two youngest players this year are both aged 7. Lewis Ullah played last year at 6 and the youngest entrant, but this year he's been edged out of the youngest spot by seven year old Oliver Batchelor from Birmingham.

You can check out the names, results, photos etc on Global Snooker.
It's a bit of a struggle I'm afraid to get access promptly to the results, but I'll do my best to battle past the officialdom!!

jamie brannon said...

Anyone on here seen much of Mitchell Mann in action, he plays in my neck of the woods (West Midlands) and there is plenty of hype surrounding what he can do.

Judging by your Twitter feed, Dave -I imagine you will not be hoping Colin Murray is ever the face of BBC Snooker! I agree though on the radio he is not great, I love him on Music shows and also as the anchor of Five's football coverage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Dave.

As far as i am aware Blaine doesnt take the game too seriously, even though hes a very decent player for his age.

good luck to them both

oh, and i often wonder if MRhy has the copyright in talking crap ;)

Anonymous said...

Jamie "Anyone on here seen much of Mitchelin Mann in action"

i have he look's awesome..


Anonymous said...

Blaine is more into his rugby than snooker ...

jamie brannon said...

Dave, I was wondering do you ever go and watch snooker below main tour level? Stuff like the PIOS tour and junior events. I ask partly as I was wondering if you had seen Mann as Snooker Scene is West Midlands based.

Dave H said...

Not very often, no

I probably see too much as it is

Dave H said...

Having said that, I did see Mitchell Mann play a couple of years ago in one of the English finals

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you lad! Might I say a word Dave to Mr3:36 PM. Thank you “kind sir” for the plug? You are now the forth person to give me this honour of a mention, my aim is to reach double figures before Pancake Tuesday or Ash Wednesday.

The Fine Art merely likes to finish off with a quip or pun that will make snooker coaches’ wonder and think “Do I really know it all”?

The game of snooker Dave is based on the “Science of Physics” yet only a “CrapMrhy” has tumbled to this fact. Mr hey you.

Anonymous said...

MRhy, if your ramblings about snooker are not wind ups then you wouldnt know if it was pancake tuesday or sheffield wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave how are you! Thanks again Mr 11:23 PM. I am sorry dear sir your replies are “Short and Sweet” and without detail or reasons for your senseless dislike of Mr hey you. I assure you sir that “Snooker The Fine Art” is the future of (pro) snooker.

I don’t mind your comments kind sir, my only regret is you never talk “Snooker Technique” nor discuss the “Mechanics of the Balls” or the importance of “Snooker Physics”. I can only presume mister 11:23PM that you believe in secrets.

The secrets in snooker sir are really embellished truth. “The Dave Den blog” does not have a closed shop policy mister so why make the lovely game a mass of secrets unshared. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

I love Mr Hey You keep up the good work your honour xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi Dave
With your permission lad.
Thanks for the encouragement and compliment Anon 11:06AM. I sincerely hope with those tender kisses you offer are from a female, most of all a snooker player with a beautiful and generous upper structure.

The Fine Art prides itself on having a special cue action that allows the fist on the cue butt to pass the chest or breast to eliminate the painful and possible health hazard contact to the Breast.

Please don’t take offence of “upper structure” as that is the age old excuse by male coaches when coaching the girls.
Mr hey you

Myra Shields said...

Come to think of it. It must be difficult for a person to excel in a sport or career that his parent was in and was famous from.

But to say it is difficult is just self defeat. i think such a situation should spur the offspring to be better because he can learn from the mistakes of the parent.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Myra, hello there Dave.
Welcome to the Dave-Den blog! There are some names that I consider “Snooker names” but I sadly do not know a Myra in snooker. Welcome Myra on behalf of “Dave the brave”.

The secret of snooker expertise Myra is to recognise and cure faults; but not from multi times world champions. Though Steve and Stephen have many faults the best way to emulate all great players is to find an alternative way as copycats players invite faults.

A tip worth knowing Myra! The unexpected miss; like the Ken Doherty (147 black) really “happened” three or four shots back, as his nice faulty familiar shots became successful. Mr hey you.

Anonymous said...

absolute nonsense Mr Hey You !

why we get this mainly off topic drivel i dont know.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mr 7:46 AM Hi Dave.
It’s quite understandable for “Outsiders” to say “absolute nonsense” but please remember sir that the Dave-Den blog is to promote all aspects of Snooker not just the mundane and obvious.

For the benefit of the regular blog members! The unexpected miss that terminates a break is seldom the first “Incorrect Shot” in that break; the three previous shots were probable also played incorrectly, though successful.

To TV commentators and others in the coaching game; please note that all “Fine Art” coaching is free to the masses every where, “But not for commercial use” or to enhance a reputation. The “Fine Art Method” invites copycats to the games only copyright method.
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Anonymous said...

Mr HY i have probably forgot more about snooker than you will ever know, despite the rubbish you post on here, so i wont be sitting about pointless arguing with you, but if you post something that is nonsense i think im quite within my right to express my opinion of it being nonsense (and others can judge for themselves too).

Anonymous said...

A thesis for a diploma
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A secret is wasted if not shared
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The snooker establishment has an alternative or a “Plan B” to make the game as financially strong as it enjoyed during the tobacco advertising period.
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Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
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.It’s wonderful Dave that Ronnie O Sullivan is going to organise and sponsor a Snooker Project for youngsters to the game.
It is sad though that it will only affect a few players, but it may lead to“Ronnie O Sullivan Open” as it has the backing of the WPBSA chairman Barry and presumable Steve Davis and the other board members.

Steve Davis being the leading board member will naturally want to “Out do Ronnie”, plus keep the concept and the ball rolling to the many other financially secure members.
The personal sponsorship Dave would let the game “Tick Over” while Barry is organising some big money tournaments. Mr hey you

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Anonymous said...

The secret to snooker is finding out there is none.