Marco Fu, who finished bottom in this season's Premier League, has earned another chance at the title after winning the Championship League at Crondon Park Golf Club, Essex tonight.

Fu (pictured with Matchroom boss and WPBSA chairman Barry Hearn) came from 2-0 down to beat Mark Allen 3-2 in the final of the winners' group.

Fu needed a snooker in the third frame, got it and forced the mistake from Allen. The Hong Kong potter then finished off with breaks of 94 and 134 to clinch the £10,000 first prize and pick up an invite to the Premier League, which he won seven years ago.

"Qualifying for the Premier League is a very special moment for me as everyone wants to play in the league. Only the top players can play in it and with it being live on television it is a very prestigious competition," Fu said.

The Premier League returns on September 2 and concludes at the end of November.


Anonymous said...

How to be, Marco.

Others are reporting Fu's break in the decider as 134 (vs. 95).

Anonymous said...

Well done Fu-man. He played great in this event which makes you wonder why he can't do it in the others right now.

On another note, I see that snookerbacker now has it in for Barry Hearn after slagging off most of the top 16.

Will this guy be brave enough to turn up at a snooker tournament and repeat the snidey things he's written about the players to their faces? Easier to hide behind a blog.

Dave H said...

Sorry it was 134 - now amended

CHRISK5 said...

Congrats to Marco Fu.

He does seem to have a likeness for certain events - Usually the Grand Prix being his favourite.

I also recall that he was parachuted into the Premier League in the late 1990s as a wildcard entry.

He's circumvented his entry into the PL 2010 in a slightly different way this time.

Fu's season has been rather lacklustre so far - This Championship League win should kickstart it for him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Firstly, congraulations to Fu. But, it just goes to show the difference between the qualifying competition and the PL season.

Fu was terrible last season, so to see him play well in this, has come to me as a surprise. Hope he wins one game this season.

Let's guess the rest...FU,MURPHY,HIGGINS,O'SULLIVAN,ROBERTSON,ALLEN?TRUMP? (if Fu, hadn't won I think Hearn would've gone to Ding or Wenbo. He has to keep an overseas feel to the competiton to sell TV rights around the world.)

Speaking of which, I think we'll find that the Eurosport shown World Series intiative will go into the world snooker calendar in Hearn's new proposals today. I think it will change (the locals v...was just rubbish,) and it will be part of a bigger set up, production-wise, then 1 man and his dog watching Jimmy White win in Warsaw.

Can't wait for this document later.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

Barry Hearn's not announcing anything on Friday. He's sending a letter to the players outlining his proposals.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was well funny when Fu was picking up the trophy from Hearn and Allen was in the background texting on his phone...

CHRISK5 said...

Joe - Don't get too impatient mate.

It doesn't necessarily matter when things are announced.

All that matters is that the proposals package itself will eventually balance the requirements of the traditionalists & casuals & be full of flavoursome formats.

Timing is everything - I'm quite sure Joe that all will be revealed before the World Championships - as has always been the intention.

Anonymous said...

Are the proposals going to be made public Dave or are they just for the players?

Anonymous said...

Well done Marco!

The way he clinched the third frame should be stressed even more. Fristly, a majestic snooker behind the black with only pink and black left on the table and, secondly, a crackíng pink with superb position on the black after Allen had failed to escape from the snooker. From my point of view, one of the very best efforts during the whole season so far!

Look forward to follow him in the Premier League!

Anonymous said...

congratulations to Marco Fu! I thought Mark Allen was going to win it, but am pleasantly surprised that Fu did.

Hope this means he has a better rest of season as he has honestly been quite poor. Go Fu!

Greg P said...

Didn't see this one coming.

And it's no use predicting who's going to be invited (except Ronnie), until after the Worlds have finished.


Nice Guy Fu, but...

Id say Hearn is gutted, that, following Perry 2 years ago, another "boring plodder" has qualified for his personal "masters" when White, Drago, Cope, Trump and Allen, all of whom are ideal PL material, will be sitting at home on thursday nights.

Anonymous said...


You clearly misunderstand the tone of my blog and take things a bit too seriously. I don't have it in for anyone, I simply put a slant on things and all I am seeking to do is promote the game that I love as much as the rest of us. I do think that some of the players can be a bit precious at times and Barry makes great copy as a panto-villain. It may interest you to know that I've had correspondence with a couple of the players and some other influential people in the game who find the blog refreshing and amusing.

And as for hiding behind a blog, at least I put a name on my posts.

Anonymous said...

today is friday Dave.

well done fu. great player and very nice chap too.

hope this is him turning the corner of what has been a poor year of two.

only thing about this tournament i have to complain about is the length of time between qualifying and the start of the main comp.

snookerscene the snooker method

talking snooker and not bollux

Janie (EBSA Media) said...

One huge plus of the Championship League is the high quality live streaming, enhanced by having the pro commentators as well.

Everyone here in Malta were crowded round laptops to watch the final day unfold.

We were all in agreement that Marco's very clever shot to get the snooker in frame three, was destined to be the turning point in the match.

RichP said...

That's disappointing I thought they were being revealed today, presumably they'll be leaked won't they?

Dave H said...

I'll be doing a story next week on it

Anonymous said...

Snookerbacker is hardly putting your name to a post is it??

jamie brannon said...

I think Ding will be still be selected as he is UK champion. Ronnie is a certainty, so is John Higgins even if he isn't World Champion or world number 1.Murphy will make it as a defending champion. Then the other two will come from, Hendry, Robertson, Selby and someone who wins the world title if not already referred too.

Anonymous said...

You're right there anonymous. I will put my full name, date of birth and mothers maiden name on next time.