OK, so here is the *plan...

I will be at the draw for the first round of the Betfred.com World Championship tomorrow.

I intend to update it on this blog as it is drawn, so start pressing refresh from 10.30am UK time.

Otherwise, you can watch it in any UK betting shop but it won't be on the TV, radio or internet.

*Surely nothing can go wrong.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Dave!

moondan said...

"surely nothing can go wrong"

Surely it already has, its not on the radio, tv or the internet.

Samivel said...

Sounds fantastic! I'd just tried to come to terms with the fact that there's not going to be any "live action" to follow, so thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will have the draw online first?

Global Snooker?
World Snooker?

Only one way to decide this - FIGHT!

jamie brannon said...

I would have thought it would best to tweet it live, but you probably are more in the know.

I miss the days when it was live on BBC 2.

SnookeromAnka said...

please Dave don't forget to update twitter..... absence of internet broadcasting is a big disadvantage

David Caulfield said...

Nice one!

Janie Watkins said...

I ain't fighting anyone!1 I'm sitting at home for the first time in about four weeks, with my feet up!!

Greg P said...

Ah, this is.... *expletive*

Why isn't it on the radio at least?

Such crap! I guess you're gonna tweet each match one at a time Dave?

Anonymous said...

that's great Dave. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ding will draw either Wenbo or Ziang I suspect.

Anonymous said...

what a shame it is not live on radio or tv as we try to gain a higher profile for the sport

Unknown said...

On the draw thread someone suggested having it on The One Show, great suggestion. One of the players could have went along as a guest and really given the event a bit of a promotion. You would think the amount of airtime the BBC give this championship that kind of approach might be sensible.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Dave
How are you! God luck lad on attempting being a First with the World Draw. Being a first has never motivated me; but I have never been in business or in commercial competition.

I partly understand now Dave why you took the calculated risk on my book “The Fine Art Method”. The fact that the “Fine Art” has been refused the sale of advertising space makes you a “First” for courage Dave, especially against the establishment.

Maybe a new slogan in snooker blogs; like “The Voice against Discrimination” should be paraded with the other “Voices”.
Snooker is in its infancy Dave, not dead or half dead as many critics say but very much the game of the future as soon as it adds a chorography and timing with snooker technique. Mr hey you.

PS. Playing a shot with your eyes shut, proves conclusively a correct balance. DM

Anonymous said...

Playing a shot with your eyes shut?
If thats the extent of your coaching prowess then its good that Terry Griffiths has taken this learning a step forward from the flat-earthers who still marvel about Joe Davis 50 years on.
While we have video-watching, coaching schemes and qualificatory badges to help youngsters.
Keep head your still lad that should do the trick.....NOT.

Anonymous said...

another load of crap from hey you man, veiling his post to be on topic to start with, only to plug the crap art method once again...

ta for the blog dave

no ta to hey u