Jimmy White's reward for beating Mark Boyle 10-8 in the Betfred.com World Championship qualifiers last night to salvage his professional status is another 10am start today.

This is both unfair and unnecessary. His match finished at around midnight. I'd imagine with all the adrenalin coursing through him White did not get straight off to sleep.

There are six tables at the EISS so his match with Ken Doherty could easily have been played this afternoon to conclude tomorrow afternoon.

Jimmy is not, I think he would agree, a morning person. That said, he's always been the sort to just get on with it and as this is the World Championship I'm sure he'll do exactly that.

Now White's main tour place has been safeguarded the pressure transfers in part to Doherty, who will need to win to stand a chance of returning to the top 32 next season.

White's victory relegated John Parrott - who beat him in the 1991 world final - from the professional circuit after 27 years.

All good things must come to an end but I'm sure he would rather it had ended at the Crucible than down the road in the qualifying dogfight.

Pulling on the waistcoat week after week, month after month, year after year becomes more than a habit. It's a way of life. That's why people who say, 'well, he's had a good innings' should understand how difficult it is for players of longstanding to just stop playing.

Parrott is very unlikely to carry on as an amateur but is involved in the forthcoming snookerlegends exhibition tour and will, of course, be on the BBC sofa for the 17 day drama that is now - get this! - just six weeks away.


Monique said...

I understand what you mean Dave, but maybe you have to take into consideration the fact that some people will have bought tix and taken a day off to follow the Jimmy vs Ken match today.

Anonymous said...

True Dave, could have put jimmy on at 2.30 - but was there not others in that session back on this morning, Tom Ford for eg? Plus it wouldn't be fair to ken.

Looks like live scoring has frozen. Big frame 5 with jimmy breaking down on colours to steal it - waiting for scoring to be fixed to confirm ken pinched it on black ?

Delanay off to a bad start 0-3. hopefully the interval will turn it around. c'mon joe!

Dave H said...

I'm not saying it should have been switched. I'm saying it shouldn't have been scheduled for 10am in the first place.

Obviously nobody knew it would finish at midnight but to play 7pm and then 10am in the World Championship over such a long distance can't be right if it can be avoided - which it could have been.

Donal said...

Ken won 6-3, does this mean Jimmy is relegated from the main tour?

Mal said...

Yeah abslutely it should never have been planned that way. Why are their some players who finished the previous day not starting to later and having much more of a gap.

Of course the same could have happened to Tom Ford, but he won convinvingly the previous night, but even so finishing at 9pm and starting at 10am isn't a big rest period.

Chris said...

I can't believe it's six weeks away!

Anonymous said...


who is in charge of scheduling matches ?

Anonymous said...

Keep up Donal.

Anonymous said...

For sure its wrong and avoidable that such late finishes and early starts occur in these crucial matches in a players season or even career.
A midnight finish means a 2am shuteye and up again for 8am for a 2 session match against a fresh opponent in the biggest tournament the game has to offer.
However, these loopholes or even oversights are only in the spotlight when it affects a high profile player like White.
In other words, players have been suffering in unfair circumstances for years but they are often unknowns and they just disappear into the night and say nothing.
Should they make a complaint, the WSA and indeed the journo's hardly give a stuff,although this is not meant as a slight on yourself DH.

Donal said...

Is it possible to watch the qualifiers online?

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you! Thanks again for the posts lad. I’m sorry that my last maths lesson to our friend IanW didn’t meet with your approval.
I get frustrated with people that can’t understand elementary maths. The content or the apples and oranges of the sum to Ian were so straight forward.

It is true Dave that I am not interested in making money from “Snooker”. The actual game belongs to the masses. Maybe Derby or maybe England but definitely to the British folks.
Joe like a teacher or scientist “Staggered” onto a miss understood formula. The obscene money paid by the tobacco people to the professional players detracted from the games potential and importance.

As I have said before Dave the game is in its infancy and will bloom as soon as the girls realise that snooker is really a Women’s game that needs the Chorography like poise and finesse seen in "Fine Art" Technique. Mr hey you

PS. Dave! In all seriousness! Beware of the coach with a cue.

Anonymous said...

mr hey you

i get equally frustrated at loads of spelling mistakes on websites

(not on blog posts, but in actual websites content)

btw, thats a hint to YOU !

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mr 7:07, Hello Dave
I honestly thought I had replied to your brief. I can only assume that Dave gave it the elbow. The punch line is; I do not subscribe to any other blog mister.

To finish on a snooker note Sir! For all commentators. Snookers players never “Aim Wrong” nor are they ever “Careless”. There are 147 different reasons now to guess from. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

if thats the best you can come up with after a few days you shouldnt have bothered

your rubbish and far from factual posts on the game are almost laughable...bringing down this great blog with off topic rubbish and when you do post on topic it is almost always biased and littered with not so subtle references to the crappy art method