Graeme Dott and Jimmy Michie have had to switch tables as the one they began their match on is currently unplayable.

Balls were rolling off and table fitters have so far spent over half an hour trying to rectify the problem, without success.

Michie was leading 3-1 at the interval but will now resume on the table used by Stuart Pettman and Stuart Bingham, who have finished their session.

The players were given the option of continuing the match in the World Snooker Academy but gave the idea short shrift.

The original table hasn’t been used since the previous round last week.

A WPBSA spokesman said: “After complaints from players the table was deemed unplayable and the decision was taken to continue on the first available table. A decision will then be taken to see whether the match can resume on the original table for the second session.”

If the table is still not up to scratch the players will have to hang around waiting for a table to become available later on tonight.

This is the last thing they needed for what many players regard as the most important match of the whole season.

UPDATE: Dott, who leads 6-3 after the first session, has said the table is "as bad as one can be."

The match will not resume until 6pm at the earliest and might possibly go on a third table.


shaun foster said...

i bet jimmy is begining to think he should have stayed on the other table

Demon Potter said...

Sounds very amateurish for such an important event.

moondan said...

They should have transported the players back to earlier times, given them a session on a really hard table and they would be cured of complaining forever.

I wouldnt fancy half of these players doing a 30 break back them.

Spoilt, Spoilt, Spoilt. That just about covers it.

Dave H said...

You were there watching were you?

The table was rolling off by up to fivbe inches. It wasn't fit for a league match, let alone the World Championship.

It's nothing to do with being 'spoilt'.

moondan said...

Dave, it was tongue in cheek, although I have seen some tough conditions in bygone eras.

Of course the players should have complained, this is the most important annual tournament which does have lifechanging potential but as you know Im very sceptical about the tables this past 8 years and what they have delivered.
No I wasnt there but certainly wish I was.