Mark Allen beat Ding Junhui 6-0 to win his first professional title, the Jiangsu Classic, in China last summer.

However, since then Ding has landed the UK Championship crown and has played very well in Beijing this week.

Roared on by a large partisan crowd, he is edging closer to repeating his 2005 China Open success.

There would be no more popular victory in China, but Allen enjoys the big occasion and has what it takes to spoil the party.

Mark Williams has evoked memories of his early 2000s peak in reaching the semi-finals but will have to play well again to see off Ali Carter, Mr. Consistency over the last two years.

Carter has moved through to the last four in a quiet, unfussy manner. It’s his seventh ranking event semi-final appearance from the last seven tournaments.

Williams, though, has always enjoyed tournaments contested outside of British shores.

He has won five of his 16 ranking titles in Asia, including two China Opens.

Ding v Williams looks the most likely final based on what we’ve seen so far this week.


jamie brannon said...

Ding to win tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Was that a typo? did you mean to type Ronnie?

MJ to win by 3

Demon Potter said...

Ding looks to be the man on home soil here. Does anyone else feel perplexed at the lack of coverage of this event on the news/media channels, especially the BBC. They have been covering the British Swimming Championships, but they hardly ever mention the snooker in their bulletins – and I bet there are far more people interested in the snooker then there in swimming. No doubt they have been told to up the ante with regards to Olympic sports seeing as we're hosting the Games in two years' time.

Also, when is Snooker Scene magazine going to get a revamp? It really needs dragging kicking and screaming into the 21st century from a design point of view. It looks awfully produced and this overshadows the content inside, in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

when i said MJ by 3, i meant 4

jamie brannon said...

Dave, has Carter really been in the last four of the last seven ranking events? Im sure he wasn't in the UK semis. Also will the top eight on the one year ranking list that have not already earned their place on the main tour be allowed to stay on the tour as is usually the case? I was hoping that James Wattana would meet this criteria.

Dave H said...

No I meant seven from the last 14.

It was early.

jamie brannon said...

I think Carter will be a runner at the Crucible, he will beat Cope quite easy I think.

Any idea about that one year list question? Looking at the one year list Shaun Murphy is currently 18th, which is surprising.

Anonymous said...

i think cope will win 10-7

i dont think its surprising about SM as he couldnt hit his arse with a banjo, this past year, compared to recent years, hence hes slipped way down.

anyone paying attention would know SM was slipping way down...

jamie brannon said...

He did win the Premier League though and he was in the World Final last year. Can't see him getting past round 2 at the Crucible this year - due to play Ding in the last 16.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, you cant cite the PL as part of it when you were talking about his low ranking. get a grip!!

he done well at the worlds and that has been about it, hence why hes so low down, hence why its no surprise as hes done poorly by his normal standar previously. no surprise to those who have paid attention.

and, even if he won his local tournament every saturday that wouldnt matter to his ranking. honest.

jamie brannon said...

I didn't mean to his ranking, but wining the Premier League is still good for confidence and shows he can't be in too bad a nick.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, you must have a bad memory, be not too bright, or trying to pretend any of those.

you clearly his ranking was surprising

when challenged you go on to cite his PL run as a comeback when challenged on it not being surprising...

you were then told PL were not rankers and so woulnt add to any surprise in SM's ranking

now, get it this time please, or stop pretending not to. thanks