Well, what can you say about Steve Davis?

His face was burning with determination last night as he opened a 6-2 lead over John Higgins with a performance reminiscent of his 1980s vintage.

If anyone thought Steve was just turning up to get a big cheer then they've had these notions destroyed by a remarkable display that underlines just how great a player he is.

All predictions are off as far as I'm concerned. I know many expect Higgins to come back but the reigning champ looked ill at ease at times and Davis could well go through to the quarter-finals tomorrow morning.

Whatever happens, it's impossible to turn away from this fascinating encounter.


Eurig Jones said...

John Higgins played very poorly, but I can only see him giving Steve a very hard time in the next session.

Anonymous said...

Massive credit to Davis but this is the kick in the backside Higgins needed.

Anonymous said...

Watching Davis these days is so boring. Yes he's playing to his strengths but if he goes any further people will watch with curiosity for a frame before switching off.

Anonymous said...

John Higgins didn't play that poorly. Yes he missed the odd ball that should have gone in, but Davis didn't let him have too many chances, playing a very tight and safety orientated game.

If Davis felt he couldn't get a pot, he played to the top of the table and shut down any get out from Higgins. The times higgins got to the table was when davis took on a pot he probably should have played differently.

Higgins may not have a choice but to play aggressive and take on those long pots to get him into a frame-winning-visit, because when it comes to the exchanges of safety/snooker he's definitely outclassed.

Anonymous said...

There is very little Higgins can do about his opponent potting 95% and being a tactical genius. As much as I like John I am rooting for Steve all the way.

Come on Nugget!

shaun foster(wigan) said...

backed the nugget with 6 frame start at stan james and good luck gouldy against robertson today

Alain (not Robidoux) said...

Real happy for Steve Davis. What an amazing player he is... But, the situation reminds me of golf, where older players like Tom Watson for instance can lead a grand slam after a couple of rounds, but ultimately end up losing the tournament. They just don't have the nerves anymore to finish the job...

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you! Thanks for the posts lad. At the expense of being branded a fool and unkind I must say that the Steve Davis band wagon has set the game back many more years.
It is and was good for the Championship but a body blow to “Entertaining snooker.

Steve’s measured way of playing and milking the audience with almost every shot is good for the annual viewers but not for the professional game.
The silly talk of Steve turning back the clock to the eighties is great for us addicts of the game but just proves how dull and insipid the game really is.

To find a vein of past form against Mark King was helped greatly when Mark starting badly, got the “Willies” and then “Fell away”.
Even by some miracle if Steve was to win another World it would still be bad for Pro Snooker. The Game has to change to Entertaining snooker or the funding people must find a Tobacco like benefactor. Mr Hey you

Anonymous said...

I took in the evening session last night at Sheffield (The Crucible really is a dive compared to other sports venues) and was sat a few seats away from Stelios Haji-Ioannou of Easy Jet.

He's either a snooker fan or could he be looking at investing in the sport?

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
Thanks for the posts! The “Fine Art” is and always will be very grateful. I have just read that Reanne Evans our top female player has been invited to compete with the male players.

The game is full of “Master Coaches” and “Fully qualified Coaches” that are misleading not only to the youngsters but to the improvers that can often make a fifty break in practice.
Issuing certificates and diplomas on coaching seems to be a nice profitable outlet or business as an ownership to copyright is not required to sell a coaching diploma.

My humble advices to Mize Evans is “Please” try and find a snooker coach or “Another” coach. In the words of the great Albert Einstein “To do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different answer” is a sign of “Madness”
.Snooker is a rum game lass; if the professional is you not improving, you are retreating.

Try the “Fine Art Glover Grip” as seen most days at the Sheffield Snooker Academy. Mr hey you

CHRISK5 said...

Anon 7.20pm - Who knows,Stelios might have been there simply to flirt with Janie Watkins !!

Would be great if Stelios 'got on board' so to speak.

I mean - £5-10 million per season for the snooker circuit is small change to him.

Also,the snooker is going faster than his planes at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Yawns at CHRISK5!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I respect your findings mr hey you. However, I have to disagree with your first post. As a "new" snookerfan, i.e. a couple of years back, the Davis match has been one of the most interesting and thrilling encounters I have witnessed. Regardless of the reslut tomorrow, Steve has made a huge contribution to this years championship and I keep my fingers crossed during the final session and hope that he will finish the job and make his may to the semis. As I sad, no disrespect to your comment, just wanted to give my point of view.

Come on Nugget!

SupremeSnooker.com said...

Steve Davis was my hero growing up. Even as a toddler, I loved watching him play, long before I understood the rules and the finer points of snooker.
I like John Higgins as a player and as a person, but I'd love it if Steve manages to win the four frames he needs on Saturday morning. It'd be one of the biggest shocks of all time and would do a huge amount to raise snooker's profile.
Talking of which, there's no way a match of this stature should be taking place at this time of day.
In darts, Phil Taylor hasn't played an afternoon match on TV for about 15 years.
It may be logistically difficult, but I feel the matches which are most popular with the general public should be on at a time of day when they would command a bigger audience.

Janie (flirty) Watkins said...

@CHRISK5 - ooh you can beat a bit of flirting! But he didn't come within my radar yesterday - I was far too busy adding to my fine collection of photos of "snooker bums"!!! and that's not necessarily on the table!

We do have a production crew here filming players to insert into some "fictitious play" going out at the Edinburgh festival. So watch out for that. Most of the players and various other bodies have been filmed.

shaun foster(wigan) said...

get in the old nugget 15 quid on him at 15 to 2 a few sherberts in order me thinks

Anonymous said...

Mr hey you spouting his usual drivel! Not taken todays dose of tablets?

Steve only won a few hours ago and already the nay sayers and knockers are out in force with there bah humbug attitude!

Mr Davis hasnt got through on a nostalgia ticket you know,he won his qualifyer and he has played and beaten 2 top 16 players,by scoring and being tactically sound,so good luck to him!

Steve got an amazing reception in the Crucible and is now much loved as a pundit and a player.
How can his progress be bad for snooker given this???
Your commnets are just mean spirited nonsense.
Who knows how far he will go in this championship?
Good luck to him!

Anonymous said...

My mate said to me tha davis' run was preplanned and organised to get the spotlight on again, in time of need, turmoil and proposed change.
I told him that was a stupid suggestion.....

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mr 5:53 PM, Hello Dave
How are you both! Please note that the Steve Davis ability has never been questioned, nor any player’s skill factor.
The reason the game has had to resort to quarrelling discord and “Threats” is the fact that snooker is no longer TV entertainment and Steve reminded most people again just how dull the game is.

To reiterate mister Snooker as a game will never die but the Professional game is dead even if Barry and Steve were to invest there considerable fortunes to resurrect it.
To repeat again Mr 5:53! There are probable 30 or forty million pounds being invested or safely in banks by Professional players and none of this great wealth is to “Bring Back” the glory days of the Tobacco Period.

Mr Hearn the only person that that is “Talking” about investing a few bob wants a guarantee of his money back before he releases any cash.

A point to note also Sir! Barry’s offer to run snooker along with Ian Doyle in the Tobacco period was “Rejected” without a vote. Neither Ian nor Barry demanded a guarantee or a walk-away threat then, as the game was swamped with Tobacco money. Mr hey you