It’s ten years since Mark Williams won his first world title and seven years since he captured his second.

The Welshman played superbly to win them both and his form at the recent China Open suggests he can complete the hat-trick.

Williams is in the hardest section of the draw. Marcus Campbell is vastly experienced but has only played at the Crucible once before.

If Williams gets past him he will face Ronnie O’Sullivan or Liang Wenbo with Mark Selby or Stephen Hendry waiting in the quarter-finals.

The good news for Williams is that none of these players would want to play him right now.

O’Sullivan and Liang start out this afternoon. Ronnie has won all three of their previous meetings, including in the World Championship quarter-finals two years ago.

He also beat the Chinese in the Shanghai Masters final earlier this season. There are question marks over O’Sullivan’s game but we all know that he can blow them away if he finds some fluency.

Steve Davis is sure to receive a huge ovation tonight when he makes his 30th appearance at the Crucible.

His first was in 1979. It’s 29 years since he won the first of his six titles.

He has a chance against Mark King but will obviously have to play much better than he did a year ago against Neil Robertson.


Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello David
How are you lad! Yes Mark Williams is in with a shout as is a few others. My big surprise Dave was marks shout for Barry.
Marks luck to have a good job “Above Ground” should make the lad more thoughtful for his old neighbours and snooker hopefuls working down below.

Barry and Steve’s Matchroom Monopoly for only the top players must create snooker redundancies Dave. It seems out of character to vote to exclude fellow players from working above ground.

Its sad Dave there isn’t a book or pamphlet to remind “Working Class” millionaires of there roots and the strength of Tobacco advertising as opposed to “Snooker Entertainment”. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

What a great start to this match between two real characters of the sport (which is sadly lacking the characters of yesteryear).

I saw Ronnie play/practice a couple of weeks ago at the Conservative Club in Saffron Walden, Essex and he looked different class. He's friendly with Josh Goldstein and Zac Cohen who run the amusement arcade.

Thanks for the tip, Ronnie (if you read this excellent blog).

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see RoS giving the finger to the table in Frame 7 when he missed that red to the middle pocket? Shocking! ;) - Ru

Anonymous said...

618, thats not even worth a talking point when you compare it to all the deeds hes done over the years, and been treated lightly over.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:44 - true... Oh well. At least he's been "warned"...

Anonymous said...

yeah, like that warning will do much good

seem to remember an "oral sex moment" from an interview in the far east and that was all but swept under the carpet. if hed said that to my daughter i would have been very very angry!

Betty Logan said...

I agree to some extent anon, but Ronnie's just a man of his generation. Asking a girl for a blowjob these days is probably only on a par with asking a girl for snog pre-60s.

Some very tasty second round draws shaping up. The tie of the round of course will be Ronnie/Williams, but Hnedry/Selby will be worth a look and and I would love to a Davis/Higgins tie - I wouldn't expect that one to run close but it would sure be a fitting occasion if Davis does end his Crucible career this year. Ding looks like going through and if Murphy does the same another posisble cracker there.