The eight players who have made it through to the finals of Ronnie O'Sullivan's Future Stars, his joint venture with Rileys to discover new talent, have been announced.

The eight came through regional qualifying events. They are:

Sean O'Sullivan from Lewisham (won in Wealdstone)
Joseph McLaren from Greenock (Edinburgh)
Lewis Hargreaves from Ipswich (Norwich)
Rhys Clark from Fforestfach (Cardiff)
Joel Walker from Sheffield (Sheffield)
Jordan Rimmer from Solihull (Solihull)
Jake Stewart from Plymouth(Exeter)
Zac Barton from Bolton (Preston)

On Friday, April 23 they will compete in front of O'Sullivan in Sheffield for a £5,000 first prize. The winner will then be mentored by O'Sullivan.


CHRISK5 said...

What a great opportunity for any one of those 8 youngsters.

To be mentored/coached by the most naturally gifted snooker player of alltime. (when he's in the mood)

As for taking advice from Ronnie concerning off-table matters & general conduct ......?!?!

Anonymous said...

Does O'Sullivan know he's taking much needed income away from Mr Ho Hum and his snooker isn't physics teaching method? How dare RoS provide coaching services to these youngsters! Mr Ho Hum needs every penny he can get to tell the world that Newton and Einstein were wrong and bad grammar and spelling should be ignored.

Janie Watkins said...

Good luck to all the lads.

Great to see some familiar names in there from Junior Festivals and Junior Scene in England, Wales etc

I'll tip Zac Barton as the favourite and Sean (The Storm) O'Sullivan as a danger.

Anonymous said...

i hope he doesnt mentor them to hit press officers....

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave. How are you! Thanks for the posts. I sincerely think that Stephen Hendry is a great bet for another World Championship.

Advanced snooker is not about “Potting” “Safety Play” and “Good Form” it is definitely about the various branches of “Snooker Technique”.
Stephen has adopted the pause technique that guarantees only a four out of five success rate. The new habit or branch of technique was not a part of Stephens’s early successes.

The four out of five is always disguised Dave as eight out of ten, and often as twenty out of twenty five but it is always constant at that ratio.
The fact that the fault has a success rate is in various disguises and by using fractions in the ratio as opposed to whole numbers does not alter the averages.

Breaking this silly habit is difficult to break Dave and needs a positive detailed substitute cue action.
The sometimes success of the daft pause Dave is the player enjoying the game and “Forgetting” to pause. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

Mr Hey You, i dont think you could teach Mr hendry to pick his nose, let alone anything hes forgotten about snooker.

You come across on here as a total nightmare of a person!

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mr X @ 5:28 PM, Hello Dave
How are you both! Your well constructed objection Mr X to the “Fine Art” method should really be written in a dark shade of “Green Ink”.

Is your objection mister to the snooker “Coaching” method or to Mr hey you having the worlds only “Coaching” copyright of a sport?

If you think Mister that my claim to a copyright is wrong or illegal please report the “Fine Art” to the nice policeman now co-opted by Barry onto the WPBSA board.

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Snooker is dead Mr X as TV entertainment even though Barry and Steve are generously willing to put there personal fortunes into the beautiful games survival. Mr hey you

Claus Christensen said...

Getting back to the story, is Sean O'Sullivan related to Ronnie? I would love to see a world filled with new rockets. Maybe they could pick up some tips from hello you, (secrets not shared are wasted).

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear 5:28 and10:08 Hello Dave
Thanks Dave for the posts you have been very kind. About the physics in snooker mister 5:28! Physics has always been in snooker, billiards and pool, but sadly Albert Einstein didn’t play snooker or he would have let the early players aware of it.

Your inference that Ronnie O is depriving me of money is wrong as I have never charged for my knowledge on the art of coaching. There are no secrets in “Fine Art” snooker method sir.
Everyone is welcomed aboard to copy and teach themselves.

The only condition is straight forward Sir: “Not for commercial use or to enhance a reputation”.

Your reply Mr10:08 on Mr Hendry is merely an observation often made by Stephen; why have I discontinued winning?
It must be a mystery to Stephen and if he should acquire the winning habit again the lad is a good bet at his very long odds for the championship. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Claus @11:45 PM, Hello Dave
How are you both! To your query sir! No there is no relation between these two O Sullivan’s. Ronnie O will become the lads mentor only if he wins the Riley competition.

To your factitious remark on coaching Claus! A person can only coach in there own image or are stealing some one else’s “Thunder”.
It is unlikely that Ronnie would attempt to coach as the possibility of Ronnie with his skill being cloned is unlikely. Mr hey you