Stephen Hendry is among around 70 professionals who have entered the Paul Hunter Classic, the first of six events that comprise the European Players Tour Championship.

The tournament will be staged in Furth, Germany from August 27-29.

Also on the starting list are world champion Neil Robertson, Shaun Murphy, Mark Selby, Ali Carter, Steve Davis, Mark Allen, Mark Williams, Stephen Maguire and Jimmy White.

Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ding Junhui do not feature in the list of entrants but the closing date is not until a week today.

Like the PTC events, the EPTC carries ranking points.


RichP said...

Sorry i'm confused now, is this part of the PTC but just played in wider Europe?

volunteer said...

This is going to be my 6th time at the PHC and it's great to finally see Stephen Hendry there. Can't wait!! :-)

Dave H said...

There are six PTC events and 6 EPTC. They all count towards the order of merit.

Anonymous said...

do you know if Ding is entering any PTC events?

Dave H said...

I imagine Ding will play in them when he returns to the UK.

Players have to play in at least three PTC and three EPTC tournaments to be eligible for the grand finals so he can still makie the cut.

Anonymous said...

only if he got his name in for PTC 4 by today with the draw and entrants for PTC4 out later this week

Anonymous said...

Ding has just entered!

Anonymous said...

Re: 3:17pm

How do you know?

Anonymous said...

entered what PTC4 or Paul Hunter Classic or both?

snoopy said...

what has Ding entered PTC4 or Paul Hunter Classic or both?

John McBride said...

Anonymous said @ 3:17PM... - Ding has just entered!

Another Anonymous said... @3.38PM -
How do you know?

Quality Conversation that.

At least when Mr Hey posts, you now where the Gentleman (at times, given) is coming from. Speaking of that said Gentleman, the Man is a WWII veteran. Give the man a break, please.

At least, at the end of the day, the Man is talking Snooker & not trying to upstage anyone one of you when doing so.

John McBride

Anonymous said...

The starting list for F├╝rth (updated today):

Deadline for this event: July 26.

mathmo said...

Jimmy White really seems to not lost any of his hunger for the game.

He has entered every possible tournament so far it seems, as well as playing on the legends tour.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi Dave
How are you! Thanks for the posts lad even for the missing ones. No hard feelings Dave. You know of course it will have to come out sometime. I guess it would be better a mysterious mister X or a fluke chance than an associate.

I have always considered it a two way split Dave but there is three if not four that know the correct words to every songs.
The hope that it will all disappear like Tobacco smoke is very remote. PCs are now more reliable in court than the Holy word. Mr Hey You

Anonymous said...

Good luck Steven. I hope he brings along some confidence and a bag of centuries.

Anonymous said...

did anyone understand Mr hey Yous post there? probably even he didn't.

best of luck Hendry. (perhaps these events will make you sharper in the short format rankers you have not been great in recently)

Anonymous said...

John Mc

if Mr Hey You was Steve Davis (which he is not) i would still reply back to postings that are off topic, waste my time reading when i see new comments are posted, talk rubbish like balls dont roll, and much more wrong info that gets corrected by many on here, including Dave himself.

now, if Mr Hey You posts on topic, stops mentioning fine art crap in every post, then he wont get posted *AT* by the many blog readers/contributors, war veteran or not!

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mr Mac Bride and Hello Dave.
How are you both and thanks for the posts Dave! I don’t want to sound ungrateful John for your support but I kind of enjoy my joists with our confused friend Mr X.
The wee laddie seems incapable of grasping the concept that “Balls can’t roll on a level surface” they always “Skid” and also “Spin” if addressed off centre but cant be made to “Roll”.

Knowing that balls are moved by “Thrust Force” not because they are rounded in shape will make youngsters think and eliminate the silly follow through cue action to make the balls “Roll” nicely.

The Fact that all of our many world champions and coaches forgot to mention this detail doesn’t make the “Fine Art” wrong but does make it copyright and not for “Commercial use” without first seeking written permission. Mr Hey You

Anonymous said...

Ronnie was on holiday,that`s why he didn`t participate in PTC! he wrote a new post!

Anonymous said...

I played at the Paul Hunter Classic in Germany..all but Ding and Ronnie there... If you want to get as close as ever to a snooker player get out there next year its fantastic..all the top players float about wating each other...top class venue too