Neil Robertson will parade the Betfred.com World Championship trophy at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday before the AFL football match between Collingwood and St. Kilda.

The match is expected to attract a crowd of more than 80,000 spectators.

Robertson, a Collingwood fan, has been busy promoting the game down under off the back of his Crucible triumph, raising hopes of a professional event in Australia.

His appearance on the pitch before the match - as well as a live TV interview at quarter time - will further boost snooker's profile.

Robertson has also met with Bob Hawke, the former Australian prime minister (pictured), who is supporting his nomination for the Australian Sporting Hall of Fame.

Hawke is a patron of the Australia Billiards and Snooker Council.


Trophymad said...

I think it's great how much effort Neil shows to promote Snooker in Australia. That's how it should work and so far he has proven himslef as a very worthy worldchampion!

Betty Logan said...

Australia has a distinguished billiards history, and it would be fantastic to revive some of that interest. They should hold one of the PTC events over there - it could ignite the game at grassroots and get the sport up and running again.

Anonymous said...

i dont really think thats a good suggestion betsy

CHRISK5 said...

Betty - Blimey,you are ambitious !

A trip to Australia for a professional event would only be worthwhile for these options.

Ranking Event - They have the current World Champion after all.

World Cup - Australia would be high on the list to host the inaugural event or one of them
at least.

Major Invitational - It starts out like this before progressing to
full ranking status.

PTC Finals - Not a bad option,
but highly unlikely - as all the
12 qualifying events take place
in UK & Europe & therefore,
this continent would host it.

I would laugh Betty - But you do contribute worthwhile antidotes most of the time,so we will forgive you on this one !

Anonymous said...

Betty have you been at the cooking sherry again

Betty Logan said...

Yeah, you're probably right, it's probably better to not waste time and resources on a country where it will only ever be a minority sport, but we can at least indulge Neil Robertson while he's the world champion. It will be sad for him if he never gets to play in a tournament in his own country as the world champ.

Anonymous said...

why isn't it a good suggestion ?

Anonymous said...

because we think its a bad one, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Betty has come up with a good suggestion. Why shouldn't there be a tournament in Australia this season with Robertson as World champion? Even if it is probably only going to be an invitational and a one-off at that, better to give the sport a chance in Australia then none at all.

kildare cueman said...

Nothing wrong with the idea of a tournament in Oz, but to hold a ptc event there?

Do you know where Australia is?

Its not the kind of place 150 players nip over for the weekend to compete for 2 grand.

No doubt British Airways would disagree and would probably double the prize fund.

To change topic, did anyone hear the Hearn interview last night?

I cant get radio 5. Anyone know where i can hear it?

jamie brannon said...

Anyone think Robertson deserves to win or at least be on the shortlist for BBC overseas sports personality of the year?

Personally he would make a shortlist of five, but I would have to place him behind Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal as they are undisputed number ones in a big global sport.

Anonymous said...

so jamie that would leave your top 5 as=
5.......Neil robertson
4.......Serena williams
2.......Ronnie osullivan
1.......Ronnie o sullivan

Ronnie lives on a boat now so that qualifies as overseas

Anonymous said...

He might just be behind David Villa as well!

Anonymous said...

i think he deserves to be on the shortlist, but certainly not to win it, but you kinda covered the bases in your question.....

Anonymous said...

Poster 7:46PM - LOL. But don't get Jamie started, otherwise out of nowhere he'll start randomly laying into Mark Selby and Peter Ebdon.

jamie brannon said...

O'Sullivan is on a boat in London, so hardly overseas!

Diego Forlan was player of the World Cup, but I think Robertson deserves a place after the two tennis stars. Although Alberto Contador could put him down a spot if he wins a third Tour De France.

Anonymous said...

id say he deserves to be about 8th best