Bruges in Belgium is the location of the second European Players Tour Championship tournament, which has begun today.

91 members of the 96 player main tour have entered as the race for the grand finals intensifies.

The top 24 in the PTC rankings after the 12th event go forward to the televised finale next March.

The Bruges tournament marks the halfway point of the PTC and is due to feature players including Neil Robertson, Stephen Hendry, Shaun Murphy, Mark Selby, Steve Davis and Jimmy White.

Organisers have announced that Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ali Carter have withdrawn.

Crucially, the seedings for the UK Championship, Wembley Masters and Welsh Open will be determined by the ranking list issued after Bruges.

You can follow the action on worldsnooker.com and at global-snooker.com.


Trevor said...

i notice ronnie has pulled out of the second eptc event.like he did with the first event.he got prize money for withdrawing from the first event.this may seem like a daft question, but if ronnie gets prize money again does this mean he only needs to play in one eptc event to qualify for the finals?.or does he physically need to turn up and play in three more events?.

Eurig Jones said...


How long is it on until? I'll be passing through Belgium next week.

Dave H said...

It's on until Sunday

Anonymous said...

Funny. The debate went on in the german eurosport-forum before. in the end some people found out that it should be enough to sign in for the tournament. then it will count as a played tournament. there should be a change of rules definitely. ronnie won't get prize money for eptc 2. incidentially his first round opponent at eptc 1 @ f├╝rth/germany (yu delu from china) did withdraw earlier than ronnie, so het got the money and the points.

Colin Viajante-Mendoza said...

Who cares? Obviously not the key players who are at the helm.

Two-bob tournament for also-rans and wannabes.

Any TV coverage? Thought not.

Decent prize money? Erm....No

Decent beer....

David Caulfield said...

I believe there is another official update of the rankings after the UKs which will decide the seedings for the Welsh Open (but not the Masters)

I could be wrong though because as you, I and many other bloggers have stressed, clarification on the new system hasn't been at it's clearest.

Anonymous said...


Seeding for the Welsh Open will be determined after The UK Championship not EPTC2.

after EPTC 2 uk and masters seeding is determined.

Dont confuse people lol

kimball said...

aybe time to give WSA's new sscore-board credit, GS stands still.

Trevor said...

actually i see by looking at the world snooker site players who have withdrawn from these events at a late stage have not received prize money.so they must have to physically play in the events and just right to.