Yes, welcome again to the weekly quiz run fortnightly.

You’ll recall that the last quiz was based on ‘firsts.’ This one, therefore, is based on ‘lasts.’

Good luck!

1) Who was the last player to win a tournament broadcast on ITV?

2) When did Mark Williams last beat Ronnie O’Sullivan in a ranking event?

3) Who was the opponent when Alex Higgins last won a match at the Crucible?

4) There were eight official maximums recorded in the 1980s. Who made the last of these?

5) What was the last ranking tournament final to feature two players ranked outside the top 16?

Answers tomorrow morning...


ddrIII said...

5) 2003 Scottish Open

David Gray vs Mark Selby

Betty Logan said...

1) John Higgins (2001 Champions Cup)

2) 2000 China Open


4) Thorburn in the Matchroom, Willie Thorne?

5) Must be Gray and Selby.

Anonymous said...

1. John Higgins

2. No idea, but feels like it was a long time ago. Maybe the 2000 Grand Prix final?

3. Jon Wright 1987

4. Perhaps John Rea in the Scottish Professional Championship?

5. Can't think of one since that 2003 Scottish Open that other people have already said.

Anonymous said...

1. John Higgins

2.I believe it was 2002 Thailand Masters

3. Don't know without googling

4. Don't know for sure but maybe Thorburn in the League

5. Gray v Selby 2003 Scottish Open


CHRISK5 said...

How many of you had to
google the answers?
Seriously Dave you
will have to come up
with better question's
than this.

Dave H said...

Better as in easier or harder?

Betty Logan said...

Since he didn't answer them I'm guessing he means easier...

Anonymous said...

chris the big bore cant answer any. ha ha

Anonymous said...

i have to admit those who mentioned John Higgins
Thailand Masters is a good guess, I think, as I know that Mark didn't beat Ronnie for eight years. So my answer is Mark 5 - Ronnie 2 Bangkok March 9th 2002 Mark won the final vs Stephen Lee (9-4)
(...)his Last World Championship win was against Tony Knowles in 1994 Qualifier and his last Crucible win was in 1987 against Jon Wright 10-6. (...)
8 March 1989
Cliff Thorburn
vs Jimmy White
@Matchroom League
Venue: Hawth Theatre, Crawley
yip, it's has been said before
(Gray - Selby 9-7 April 13th,2003)

If it is not allowed to google, i will not return, but I enjoy your quuiz, dave

CHRISK5 said...

Better as in harder Dave,
for a serious snooker anorak
like myself these were by
far to easy. I did'nt put
the answers down because
all of you lot would of coppied
and clapped like seal's.

Anonymous said...

Thank you chrisk5, we all love you. you gave us a FAIR chance to find out ourselves when you did not answer.
When Columbus discovered America all those who mentioned before that it was impossible and crazy claimed they would have managed it as easily...

Dave H said...

It's not easy to find questions that can't be google...but I will try for next week

Dave H said...

Or if someone else wants to suggest some...