A reminder that tonight's evening of Partycasino.com Premier League snooker starts earlier than usual, at 6pm UK time.

There are three matches tonight: Shaun Murphy v Marco Fu, Ding Junhui v Mark Williams and Neil Robertson v Mark Selby.

Robertson, the newly crowned World Open champion, is making his first appearance in this year's League.

Murphy, Williams and Ronnie O'Sullivan top the table after the first two weeks of action.

The matches are live on Sky Sports HD2 and Sky Sports 2.


jamie brannon said...

Thoughts on the World Open:

1. Robertson has the potential to go down as one of the all-time greats, he has now found the ideal balance in his game and a pace he feels comfortable with. Before 2008, I wasn't convinced about his breakbuilding, but it is now up there in the top ten of today's players.

2.O'Sullivan was below his best for the majority of the tournament, apart from one imperious display against Maguire.

3. I am okay with this format, if kept for just the one major ranking event. I know people will now say we should be implementing it in more events, but I disagree.

It is important, that we have a varied mix of events, so why overdose on a format that is undoubted test of raw nerve, but not of sustained excellence.

If someone, plays well in a best of five, its all good and well, but it will never be perceived as a benchmark performance in the way it would be compared to the masterclasses we see in the longer frame matches. The same theory applies to comebacks which are always more compelling.

4.Plus, this is the first staging of the event, we may see more shocks next year. Short-format events in other sports tend to produce more shocks, The World Grand Prix in darts is a good example, where Phil Taylor has lost in the opening round three times in ten years, inconceivable in their World Championship.

5. The BBC won't keep it, the ratings were never that bad for the Grand Prix, I just think certain bosses at the beeb are not keen on snooker, just like there not that enamoured with bowls, hence why they axed the International Open.

Dave, noticed you updating about the man on the bridge on Twitter, I don't see how he went all that time without the toilet, sleep and I was there when he first got up on the railings and you would be impressed by his balance, as it was wet and the railing width was not much.

Dave H said...

Way off topic, Jamie, but apparently the police took him food and beer!

Anonymous said...

dave, do you actually know this nutter?

(brannon, not the guy on the bridge)


Leon MonĨiunskas said...


Good players from 6 countrys different tonight.

Murphy - Eire

Fu- Hng Kong

Wi - PRC

Williams - Whales

Robertson - Australia

Selby - England

Baltic TV also show programe about football and not all snooker.

porridge said...

Hey for the final time, Murphy isn't irish. Shaun Murphy is as irish as Eddie Murphy. ;)

Betty Logan said...

Nice to see the snooker back at Preston Guild Hall - the venue has givn a lot to the game over the years.

Anonymous said...

Murphy can be Irish for the world team yoke if he wants lol

jamie brannon said...

I slotted it in with five comments about snooker!! I mean it is not an every day occurrence!

The Roe piece was in The Times on Monday, generally there coverage of snooker was poor during the World Open, what did others think of the press attention during an entertaining event.

I am a bit eccentric, but not in a bridge jumping sort of way. However, all joking aside, the man is not well and I thought it was crass to hear people saying jump or telling the police to push him.

Dave H said...

It was in The Times because I gave Phil the info

jamie brannon said...

That was the only piece he got all the week, it seemed to me, there was no mention of the Ronnie max, the next day, although I notice Piers Morgan had to launch into one of his hugely annoying articles in the Mail.

I was only remarking it was in The Times, I think it is good that it is up here, more info on here anyway.

Anonymous said...

no wonder the omitted rons max

the man is an attention seeking kid in a mans body