It isn't supposed to be the British way to crow about achievements but I have at last received that much longed for distinction of everyone in snooker: a mention in Michael Holt's diary on worldsnooker.com.

His scurrilous allegation that I forgot to bring home his shoes from the 1999 China International in Shanghai after he had left therm in his room is, of course, entirely true.

In my defence, I had imbibed well but not wisely at the post final reception and this important mission slipped out of my mind.

I hope Holty has got over this trauma and, indeed, bought some new shoes.

His diary is here: http://www.worldsnooker.com/news_editorial-18449.htm


Anonymous said...


He must've have been wearing said shoes, for his performance v Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Great result for the gym instructor, but yet again, the rocket has underperformed for the eigth time in Malta. Last year he avoided it, the year before, he played all five frames against Dott, like he played the last frame on Wednesday night: whacking the balls around.

Did O'Sullivan actually say anything else apart from 'no comment' at the post-match press conference?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

No, he said it three times and that was it