Still on Prestatyn...anyone thinking of coming here for the final qualifying round of the 888.com World Championship - don't bother.

It's going to be played at the new World Snooker Academy in Sheffield on four tables, so will now last from March 12-15 as opposed to 13-14.

The earlier rounds, which begin on February 22, will be played at Pontin's.

(Needless to say none of this is detailed on worldsnooker.com but it's listed on globalsnookercentre.co.uk and they tend to be right about, well, everything).

This is, of course, a barmy decision, not least because players such as Ding Jun Hui who practice at the Academy full time will be well acquainted with the tables (unless new ones are put in, which would be even more barmy).

Also, the Prestatyn holiday camp is free to use for the governing body and has reasonable - though not huge - amounts of space for spectators, unlike Sheffield which has virtually none.

Logic, though, has never been a pre-requisite when it comes to making decisions in the snooker world.


liftafinger said...

Do you know if it is possible to book to see the final qualifying games?

Dave H said...

I don't know, but when I do I'll put something on here

Anonymous said...


More baffling decisions by this so called association.

They may as well move it back to Blackpool.

There must be a viewing gallery at the Academy as the Masters Championship was played there, eh?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I believe there are no more than a dozen seats per table at current