Jimmy White, today competing in the qualifiers for the China Open, will face Peter Lines, Paul S. Davison or Jamie Burnett in his first qualifying match of the 888.com World Championship in March with the winner to face Nigel Bond in the round to get to the Crucible.

Burnett has enjoyed a productive season and must be viewed as a threat but Jimmy could have had tougher draws.

That said, his progress is entirely dependent on how he himself plays.

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Anonymous said...


It will be a challenging road for White to make Sheffield, as it will for Ding, who should, this year, finally take his bow at the Crucible.

I was looking at the top 16 drawsheet for the World Championships, and the thought if White and Ding do prevail, they would certainly be better of in the bottom half of the draw, where only Hendry and Doherty are.

In the top half, O'Sullivan could have a run that involves knocking out Robertson, Higgins, Williams/Maguire to make the final.

What I want to know is how do they draw the top 16 at all the tournaments first to see what half they are in, before drawing the opponent to face them (if that makes sense)? Is it based on some formula at World Snooker HQ?

Never understood the logic.

Thanks, Joe