A wrong turning on the A12 this morning ended up costing Neil Robertson £200.

Neil is not one for early mornings, or even moderately early mornings.

He left his nearby hotel for the Championship League today at around 10.30am - half an hour before the start but still plenty of time to make it.

His opponent in his first match, Joe Perry, waited for him and drove on ahead. However, Neil came off at the wrong exit and had to take a seven-mile detour.

He arrived at the venue at 11.22am and had been docked two frames.

Matchroom's organisers took no pleasure in this but rules are rules and it would do the credibility of the event no good if they ignored them.

Wisely, Neil did not leave the venue for the rest of the day but, having lost that first match 3-1, lost 3-1 again to Perry to be denied a place in the final.

We were thinking of having a minute's silence following the departure of Ali Carter, who finished sixth and was thus relegated.

Ali played in all seven groups last year - although not the winners' group - and the first three this season.

But, for him, the Championship League is over.

You can't help thinking he will turn up anyway through force of habit.


Anonymous said...

Would it not be a nice gesture for Joe to donate the £200 to charity? He didn't exactly work for it did he? It would do his 'gentleman' tag the world of good with the public. Maybe suggest this to him Dave?

Dave H said...

That's up to Joe and it's also up to him whether he makes it public or not

Anonymous said...

*lol* This was your most amusing post. I love your irony :D