Jimmy White today made his highest break in the World Championship for 11 years but still trails Vincent Muldoon 5-4 going into the final session.

White's 134 total clearance in the last frame of the opening session helped him recover from 5-2 down.

But the match is still in the balance ahead of the 7pm resumption.


Claus Christensen said...

After my cat took a giant wee on my bed this morning I would really love for Jimmy to win this and turn my day around. Go on Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog get more and more bizarre......
Come on Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

Come on Vinnie!

SupremeSnooker.com said...

Jimmy won it 10-8 in the end. Great to see him winning again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Just to elaborate on the above post and say well done, Jimmy! Although, it doesn't get any easier with Andy Hicks next.

Also, bad luck to Scott MacKenzie, who after pulling it back after a terrible first session, eventually lost 10-9. Having read the article in the Scottish press I have 5 words to add: Don't give up the game!

Thanks, Joe

Sammy said...

Muldoon's off the tour!

Anonymous said...

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