Tomorrow, Snooker Scene will be unveiling the world's first snooker-themed podcast.

This has all taken a little longer to organise than planned as a few tournaments have got in the way.

The first podcast is me interviewing Snooker Scene editor and TV commentator Clive Everton about his career and views on various players and snooker moments.

It's not exactly Frost/Nixon but hopefully will be of interest.

To access it, you first need to register here. Click on 'sign up' and the podcast will be available from tomorrow.

I hope it will be the first of many.

I would like to thank Kevin Smithers for his technical assistance. If this all works it's because of him, not me.

Please get in touch if you encounter any problems.


Anonymous said...


The link on the confirmation email did not work.


Matt@PSB said...

Yeah same here, though I assume that it will work tomorrow or something.

Anonymous said...

Mine worked fine.

Matt@PSB said...

Ah wait I've worked it out. The link contained within the confirmation email is wrong because although it looks fine, when you click it, it opens up in a window with the address as:


Which will fail.

What you need to do is change the link manually to start off as:



Copy and paste the link from the email into the address bar and press enter.

And then it should work fine. You might want to put that in your post Dave because it might confuse a few people.

Pete Williams said...

Have to correct you Dave, I have been doing a podcast, available on iTunes, since the 9th January.


Dave H said...

Apologies, Pete, I was unaware of this.

Still, as Buzz Aldrin said on 'The Simpsons': 'second's right after first!'

Kev said...

The link in the activation email has now been sorted. I hope everybody enjoys the podcasts.

Anonymous said...

would have been nice to edit in the info tho ;)

Anonymous said...

it would have been right

andy said...


I was going to say, Pete got there first with the "World's First"!!

I'm quite surprised you've tried to re-invent the wheel as well rather than making use of great podcast hosting sites that are already out there. You clearly ignored advice in a previous comment of mine.

The way you've done this means it won't be automatically included in podcast directories etc making your material hard to find, ...which I'm sure is not what you want!

Never mind, I still hope it goes well and that it will be successful!

Looking forward to listening to #1.


andy said...

OK, your podcast cannot be downloaded using the Nokia podcasting application, although I've not tried it with other applications.

I'm not sure why this is the case but your XML looks a little bare compared to other podcast feeds.

It might be worth your developer testing the feed on various applications like Nokia's podcasting app, iTunes and comparing your feed with other feeds from other quality podcasts like Pete's.

But for now, I'm unable to listen to the podcast using my preferred device and download method.

Using podcasting hosting sites would have generated a verbose feed for you without having to develop one from scratch.


Pete Williams said...

I host mine using Wordpress/Podpress and would be happy to help you out if you need me to Dave.


Dave H said...


You seem to be labouring under the misaprehension that I understand a word you are saying. I don't. My knowledge of podcasting is tiny.

If people think there's a better way of doing this then they'd better explain it really...really...simply.

andy said...


I'm not 100% what the reason is why your podcast doesn't function on Nokia's podcasting app, I have a feeling it might have something to do with your XML feed.

Pete's however, does work. I couldn't compare the feeds because Pete's domain name is blocked from within Credit Suisse.

I think it might have something to do with the XML namespace. But it might have nothing to do with the XML at all, I don't know from just looking.

Basically, you need to test your if your feed http://podcast.snookerscene.co.uk/members/podcasts.xml works through various delivery methods. Browsers, phones, iTunes etc.

I also saw a lot of iTunes tags missing from the XML feed so I suspect you won't be able to make use of the full iTunes functionality either.

Pete, in the first instance, should be able to help, I will help where I can, but unfortunately I work behind a pretty tight firewall and in a pretty exposed office. :o(


Mike said...

Hi I have tried 2 or 3 times to activate my account but it just won't log me in! Link works on my e-mail then click activate but when I enter my username and password it just goes blank again in the boxes when I try to log in! Please help!

Kev said...

What is your username mike?

And remember the username and password fields are case sensitive.

Try going back to the activation email and using copy and paste.

When you click the link in the activation email the page it takes you to you will have to click the activate account button.

Anonymous said...

In fact, for me the iTunes version does not work at all