I'm going for a home victory at the Welsh Open in my column for Betfair.


Matt@PSB said...

Interesting choice to go with Day, he does have a relatively kind section of the draw so I can see him making the quarter-finals without too much trouble.

Not totally convinced myself that he's good enough tactically against some players yet but in fairness I used to say the same about Neil Robertson and he's won three titles!

Anonymous said...

I hope Ryan has overcome his midseason slump and performs well but I have to go for Graeme Dott or alternativey the winner of the expected Williams/Perry match as the champion. Joe might be so relieved to not be playing O'sullivan in the last 16 for once he may coast through to the title but I have to favour Graeme Dott- once he is through his first match I expect him to fly. Pity I dont gamble 66/1 is very nice.

wild said...

Judge will beat Day in the first round.
Maguire is my prediction for the win.

Anonymous said...

Day is my pick too.I've just seen the odds and Hendry is 50/1.I suppose it's a reflection of how much he's struggling but surely that's worth a punt.Incredible odds.

Adam said...

Dave, your jinxing ability is frightening.