Luca Brecel defeated Jimmy White 4-3 in the grand finals of the World Series of Snooker tonight, the latest success for this rising star.

Earlier this year, Brecel became the youngest ever winner of the European Under 19 Championship at the age of 14.

His match against White was played under the six reds version of the game and Jimmy was clearly tired after doing an exhibition in the UK last night and having flown to Portugal early this morning.

Even so, Brecel seems remarkably composed around the table.

White was saying the youngster has been over to his house in Surrey to practice.

He certainly seems like one to watch.


Anonymous said...

i thought you were KIDding about that result

way to go young yin

Janie said...

Yes Luca is certainly one to watch.
I've followed his progress closely since he first came onto the Belgian and International Scene.

His improvement from the 2008 Euro Under 19s to the 2009 event was amazing.

From a raw potter to an all round match player. But with his potting and scoring ability he didn't need to resort to a safety game very often in the Euro under 19s in St. Petersburg, but when it went very tight in the final, he held his never when it mattered and produced mature matchplay snooker and was very well deserving of the title.

Anonymous said...

Just curious

is Dave Hendon and David Hendon the same?


Anonymous said...

Bi curious

Dave and David Hendon are twin's.

Anonymous said...

Good for Luca, but you can't read too much into a 6-reds result. Jimmy lost 5-1 to a Frenchman named Gregory Kopec in the 6-reds tournament in Thailand last year.

Anonymous said...


What happened in the Brecel v Santos match?


Anonymous said...

But will Luca ever be able to play a ranking tournament in his home country?

Anonymous said...

With regards to the last question...Luca has already won at least 1 national ranking tournament that I'm aware of.

By now it could be he's won more than just 1.


Chris said...

Well done to Luca, a great result for him.