Well we're here and it's hot.

No, really. I fear John Higgins may be mistaken for a lobster when he gets off the golf course.

I saw Luca Brecel studiously practising earlier. The boy seems to already have a very solid technique and a certain steely presence that suggests good things for the future.

I will be providing updates on the matches and from backstage over the next few days when time permits.

Look out for a few interviews I've recorded for Eurosport as well.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy yourself there Dave. Will these interviews be on the Eurosport snooker programmes and is there any more programmes as I think Pat said there will be extra programmes during the event at short notice as well as the times you mentioned in the previous post?

Anonymous said...

Dave is there any way of banning this fine arts clown from commenting on your blog? He ruins it for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hey You should become world snooker chairmen. YOU can't do any worse than Rodney Walker.

Chris said...

Just ignore him all he wants is attention.

Anonymous said...

Seems he thought he'd catch you unawares while lounging around in Portugal.
Clever stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

How is the PR/Media coverage of this event doing in Portugul? Is the local/national press getting involved heavily or would you say the local TV/Eurosport are doing the bulk of the work this weekend?

Secondly, are there any really 'clued-up' snooker journalists from Portugul giving this event a good angle?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Bye bye 11:06 pm pathetic.

high hopes said...

Any news on the quarter final draw Dave, supposedly made by the Portugese Tourist Board on Thursday evening??

Anonymous said...

i´m a portuguese snooker fan. As far as i can tell the media/press is no very much aware of the event this weekend. I read about it on a national newspaper today, but the article has several (minor) mistakes.
We suffer the problem of not having many professional portuguese players (i belive there´s only one and i´m not even sure abtou it), which is a little bit strange because we love to play 8 and 9 ball.
Hopefully this event will be great and we´ll have big audiences

Anonymous said...

There is a livescoring from table 1 on their homepage. :-)

Sparky said...

Why isn't there any livescoring on Eurosport's website?

And why don't they publish the draw that was made yesterday?

Dave H said...

The draw's being made tonight after the group phase