The Portugese tourist board are apparently pleased with how the tournament has gone so far and things are therefore looking good for a return next year.

Certainly everyone has enjoyed the sunshine break after the long days at the World Championship.

Every credit to Ken Doherty who did two full lengths of the hotel swimming pool this morning, which is about as active as it gets backstage at a snooker tournament.

After the six and ten reds snooker, which received a mixed response from the players - some favourable, some not - we're back up to 15 reds for the semis and final.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Glad to hear the encouraging support.

Who is the broadcast supplier for the live matches? Is it Eurosports own production or, as usual - are they taking the feed from the host broadcaster (Portuguese TV?)

Any idea?

Also, James Wattana has just won the Asian tournament. Does that mean he is going back on the main tour next season?

Thanks, Joe

Matt said...

He'll be eligible for the main tour but I guess it'll depend on whether he chooses to accept it. At 39 years of age and living on the other side of the world he might decide that it's not worth it.

Would be nice to see him back though.

Nico said...

After looking at the page where they describe the "Official Hotel" on the WSS site, the other day, I indeed had a smile, looking at this swimming pool and thinking about the players having some good time in it, or directly at the beach ;)

Well deserved, after all, it's semi-holiday time, after the end of Main Tour last week.

Anonymous said...

hi matt,

yup, it would be great to see him have another crack at the tour but, like you say, would he really want to do prestatyn again?

i look into your twitters as well. Janie at global hasn't quite got used to it has she...ha

thanks, joe

Anonymous said...

Janie has said yes Wattana is joining the main tour next season.

Matt said...

That's good news, hopefully he'll be able to make a venue or two.

Anonymous said...

Dave have you got that flu?


Anonymous said...

youve got to hand it to the eurosport commentary there....they dont even know if its best of 9 or best of 11. the made a mess of it about 5 times.

funny as.....

Matt said...

That was absolutely hilarious, I just loved the absolute confusion in Mike Smith's voice as they came back from the break and he's announcing the presentations as the players break off for the next frame.

Anonymous said...

it was great to listen to mike smith squirm and admit that he had just looked at the frame graphic and noticed it was best of 11 and not 9.

eurosport really have to consider replacing this guy now. its time to hand the mike over, er, mike!

am all for this new innovative tournament, but they have to try to turn this into a competitive one, like the premier league. it all looks and sounds too paly and cliquy out there...talking about playing golf and etc...come on, at least make it sound like a competition, even tho, at the mo, it sounds like a jolly event.

Anonymous said...

agreed matt

i was so eager for them to get back from the ads for them to say sorry we messed up (4 times) only to hear him say it again....then when the player jumps up to break off he was flumoxed. pmsl

Anonymous said...

The most embarrassing part of this growing event was the commentary.
Truly time for the world to move on and this would have to include Eurosport at some point soon.
How is it possible that they do not know how many frames the final is best of?

Anonymous said...

Mike should do the interview at the end, that would be top joke, anyway let's wait for his gags next week.

Janie said...

@ Joe - I thought I was Twittering with the best of them now!!!

anyone wanting to follow my newbie Twittering I'm @ globalsnooker

I got confirmation that James Wattana will take up his place back on the Main Tour.

and the less said about Eurosport's new SQUARE tables and the crass incompetance of their commentator.... !!

Anonymous said...

...the better?

Anonymous said...

I would like to follow your twittering, but I can't even find the global snooker forum.

Chris said...

To Anonymous at first post (funny name!): I think it was Eurosport's own production. As they have their square tables, in other events with Eurosport the main producer there has been square tables! And also when Ken Doherty came out the microphone had the Eurosport logo on it so I guess they are the main producer.

Good to hear about what Ken was doing, he's a character! What will he do in Ireland this week?!

Anonymous said...

he will play on a triangle table with a square of 9 reds