Two snooker events start today.

The Sangsom 6 Reds Grand Prix is being held in Bangkok and features, among others, John Higgins, Shaun Murphy, Peter Ebdon, Mark Williams, Ken Doherty and Jimmy White.

Meanwhile in Beijing, the 110sport-promoted China International Challenge cues off with the likes of Stephen Hendry, Stephen Maguire, Mark Allen, Marco Fu and Ali Carter in action.

Both events provide the opportunity for players to make a few quid out of season and take the game to parts of the world where it is traditionally popular.

I will endeavour to keep across the scores but for the best coverage would point you to the ever reliable Global Snooker.


Anonymous said...

Snooker The fine art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.

Dear Mr Mediter
You have open up a completely new thread in snooker the beatiful game as there are no natually gifted players in snooker.
Snooker is and always has been a game of copycats or "Watch Me" and I'll show you again method.

The three you mentioned Mark Jimmy and Ronnie are no more gifted than Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis but had the luck to copy a better style of copycat.
Jimmy White had the good luck to walk into a club that had some great people to copy as the natural ability is to improve on an existing method.

Please note this wonderful trio have no idea what they are doing right or wrong or the would never do wrong. Jimmy was the first "Natural" and if he knew what he was doing "Right" it would be detailed with copyright and the whole world would now play snooker "The Jimmy White Way".

Mark went off the boil for a few years and looking at his old videos. Ronnie is on record "Ronnie Book" that he "doesent know himself how he does it" when queried about coaching his great friend Ronnie Wood the entertainer. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

If comments are moderated, how the hell did comment #1 get through?

Anonymous said...

It will be easy to keep up with the scores - it's bound to be on TV somewhere

Superbly scheduled as well when there is nothing happening in sport - apart from some cricket in Cardiff ....

Anonymous said...

I see Sportingbet are offering odds on the 6 reds event. This is surely open to abuse, what with nothing to play for in this event and the match fixing cloud hanging over our sport.

Dave, do you what the situation is with the investigations regarding Ebdon and Burnett? Hopefully these will be cleared up during the close season.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see John Higgens losing his opening match at the SangSom 6-Red event against Mohammed Sajjad 5-0 after being docked three frames. Did the world champ show up much too late? Any idea, Dave?


Anonymous said...

Actually if it had been the usual 15 reds he would only have been docked one frame.

Just shows you how quick those six-red frames are ...

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear David
I think you are struggling to retain a serious thread in your Snooker Scene blog and are perpetually going back to yesteryear to stir up interest.
The reason why the game is going bankrupt is the "Complete absence" of entertaining snooker. Ronnie O has managed to show it can be done, but sadly doesn’t know exactly how he does it. The game is devoid of class but chocked with skill.
A constant THREAD to find an answer may show up a www.susan-boyle.com as the game is being played with great skill but with a sameness that is turning off TV sets that frighten the sponsors away.
Snooker skill is not enough David. The skill must be embellished with branches of technique that reflects a timing and tempo to create entertaining snooker.
A guarantee of a century break every other frame would NOT put "Bums on Seats" David!
Mr hey you