If you have satellite television and are having withdrawal symptoms in these dog days of summer then you should be aware that there is snooker on the TV pretty regularly courtesy of ESPN Classic.

It’s on channel 442 in the UK.

Here are the programmes ESPN Classic will be showing over the next few weeks:

Sun July 12 02:20: World Snooker Championship, 1973

Sun July 12 10:40: World Snooker Championship, 1973

Fri July 24 23:50: World Snooker Championship, 1980

Sun July 26 01:30: World Snooker Championship, 1980

Fri July 31 23:50: World Snooker Championship, 1981

Sun August 02 01:25: World Snooker Championship, 1981

Mon August 03 10:30: World Snooker Championship, 1982

Fri August 07 11:00: World Snooker Final, 1992

Sat August 08 00:10: World Snooker Championship, 1982

Sat August 08 05:00: World Snooker Championship, 1982

Sat August 08 23:25: World Snooker Championship, 1982

Sat August 15 00:10: Steve Davis v Jimmy White, 1984

Sat August 15 05:30: Steve Davis v Jimmy White, 1984

Sat August 15 23:40: Steve Davis v Jimmy White, 1984

Thu August 20 14:40: World Snooker Championship, 2004

Sat August 22 00:10: World Snooker Final, 1985

Sat August 22 06:00: World Snooker Final, 1985

Sun August 23 01:30: World Snooker Final, 1985

Sat August 29 00:10: World Snooker Final, 1990

Sat August 29 06:30: World Snooker Final, 1990

Sun August 30 00:55: World Snooker Final, 1990

Some great stuff from the archives there, featuring action from four decades, which will be a trip down memory lane for some and an education in snooker history for others.

Bit cruel showing the '85 final on Steve Davis's birthday, though!


Matt said...

A small correction Dave, it's on 442 not 422 on Sky.

Always good to see the older stuff, like you say it is a bit of a history lesson.

Anonymous said...

It’s on channel 442 Dave not 422.

Greg said...

Wow, awesome.

BTW, slight correction it's actually channel 442 on Sky. =)

Saw the 1973 final the other day. I can't wait to see 1980, I've never seen any footage of that final.

hegeland from TSF said...

Perhaps it should be noted that only the UK edition of ESPN Classic are showing this.

Anonymous said...

is there a web stream for ESPN?

Dave H said...

Sorry about that - now edited

Anonymous said...

Any chance of somebody recording and posting to utube or a torrent download link ? Would like to get a look at these but i'm in ireland and dont have sky, thanks.

SupremeSnooker.com said...

I'm watching the 1973 final right now at 3:09am UK time!

It's funny seeing the crowd sitting so close to the table.

People often mention that commentators talk a lot more now than back in the 80s. This is true, but I can't help noticing how much Ted Lowe is talking on this.

One for the anoraks- there's a bloke sitting next to Joe Davis with a white beard, glasses and a bow tie. He must've been someone important. He stands out quite clearly and seems to have something hanging out of his mouth. Ted hasn't emntioned who he is on commentary. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Lucky you then... I wish I had sky...

Anonymous said...

it could have been a close friend or older relative of Joes.

failing that, i dont know who it is, though it sounds like Santa.