So we can finally say it: Jimmy White is a world champion.

OK, so winning the Wyldecrest Park Homes World Seniors Championship will not soften the blow of losing in six Crucible finals.

But Jimmy was rightly proud of his victory in Bradford and at the manner in which it was achieved.

He was a ball from losing 3-0 to John Parrott in the semi-finals but after Parrott missed a tricky blue in the third frame, White dished up and ran through the last two frames.

He looked sharp and composed from the off against Steve Davis in the final and, with just the colours left in the fourth frame, looked a certainty to win 4-0.

But needing the extended rest, White feathered the cue ball, immediately owned up to the foul, and Davis dished to make it 3-1. Long time fans of the Whirlwind were already picturing the scene an hour later when Davis was stood holding the trophy a 4-3 winner.

Not a bit of it. Jimmy comfortably won the fifth frame to secure the £20,000 first prize.

It was my great pleasure to commentate with him on Saturday and it was clear to me just how pure a love he has for snooker.

You need one to have taken as many knocks as he has and still come out smiling. He’s practising hard and enjoying the new set up this season with more tournaments, more snooker.

Davis and White are the two oldest players on the professional circuit so it was fitting that they should reach the final from a strong field.

The first staging of this event was a huge success in terms of crowd numbers. Spectators were able to mingle with the players, all of whom were a credit to the game in the way they patiently signed autographs, posed for pictures and stopped to chat to fans.

These people will have gone away with a positive image of snooker and that can only be good.

The tournament had just the right mix of fun and serious action. This was no exhibition. There was the odd bit of laughing and joking but in the main the play was hard fought.

The Sportsmans’ Dinner on Friday and an evening of entertainment – including John Virgo’s impressions – on Saturday was a fun way for all involved to wind down.

The World Seniors Championship was promoted in partnership between World Snooker and Joe Johnson and his business partner, Dave Shipley.

I’d imagine all parties will be delighted with how it went. Now they have run the first one they can look at any tweaks required for next year.

I would suggest longer matches – certainly in the first round – and possibly an increased field.

But before you try an event out you can’t be sure what works and what doesn’t,

This was a superb first effort, much enjoyed by all the players and those who came to watch.

Much enjoyed by me as well. Snooker is often slated in parts of the media but we have some very classy people involved in our sport and the veteran brigade did themselves proud this weekend.


David Caulfield said...

Seniors or not, small tournament or not, Jimmy is a world champion and that puts a smile on my face.

Would have loved to have been there and I hope it becomes a permanent fixture. I agree the matches could be a little longer format but overall sounded like a great weekend. Nice one!

Betty Logan said...

Jimmy seems to be undergoing a revival of sorts - a couple of titles this season, and now this. They're not at the highest competitive level, but they're not exactly mickey mouse either. I hope he gets the Masters wildcard and is introduced as the world champion. Let's hope he can go on from this and land the big one in May...

Urindragon said...

drinks on me if White wins in May

Anonymous said...

Well done to all!

Anonymous said...

doesn't look like there will be any master wild cards.

Anonymous said...


Jimmy will have to win the UK Championship to get a Masters Wild Card.

Janie Watkins said...

Congrats to Jimmy and also to Joe and the other organisers. I wish I could have been there as it sounds like a very successful event.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what the final score breakdown (frame-by-frame) was?

Nott said...

Congrats to Jimmy. Good win.

but to call this a World championship is rather questionable.

40 year is to low for a senior championship in snooker. If they raised it to 50 maybe they wouldn't have to fix the draw to get rid of as many 'less popular for tv' pro's early on.

Redandblackblog said...

Jimmy has been World Champion before, hasn't he won the World Matchplay Championships and the Mita World Masters (biggest first prize ever at the time) - far bigger events

Anonymous said...

Well Paddy Power were clearly very impressed with at least one player in Bradford.

They've chalked up Cliff Thorburn at 28/1 to win the World Championship at The Crucible in May!

Seriously. I'm not joking!

Dave H said...

The draw was conducted randomly

I'm not going to rehash the reasons why the age limit was 40 because it's more productive to bang my head against a brick wall

Anonymous said...

hows your head david?

Betty Logan said...

The World Matchplay was only regarded as a world championship in the 50s, and I don't think the World Masters was ever acknowledged as a world championship (just like no-one treats the World Open as a world championship), although I don't know for sure. Besides Robertson there are now at least two other snooker world champions: Mark Selby and Jimmy, and possibly Mark Davis depending on whether or not he was succeeded by Mark Selby. Time for an article on who is/isn't a world champion Dave!

Anonymous said...

none of the other small joke tournaments are genuine world championship events where "everyone can get in and played to normal snooker rules"

6 reds aint snooker
legends or seniors was invites only, with 1 qualify spot, and others just asked to perform.

real championships are open to all and played to wpbsa rules and standards

Anonymous said...

Would be good to have 5 or 6 Seniors events on the calendar.

In regards to age 40 participants,
to have players like Ebdon and Doherty available for these who are still playing at a high standard and both have name value is a positive.

No probs with that.


Hi David. I was in attendace at the event on Sunday. Great to meet all the players. I am thrilled 4 Jimmy White. At last a World Champion. Senior's, but at least, aswell as Alex Higgins, A People's Champion, and now, A World Champion. Great comeback from 2-0 down in the Semi-Final, to beat John Parrott, 3-2, and, in The Final, to beat Steve Davis, 4-1. Well done Jimmy, Whirlwind, and 2010, Senior's World Champion, White.

Colin M said...

Well played Jimmy - I'm just sorry I couldn't give you a list back home...but, clearly, you had other fish to fry!! Congratulations..I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it.