This week's quiz features players who will compete in this weekend's World Seniors Championship...

1) How many ranking titles has Steve Davis won outside the UK?

2) 'I Am a Clown' was Peter Ebdon's first single. What was the name of the second?

3) John Parrott's first ranking title was won in which country?

4) Who was the last player to beat Dennis Taylor in the World Championship?

5) What is the name of Cliff Thorburn's autobiography?


kildare cueman said...

1. 4
2. Fall of paradise
3. European Open in Deauville
4. Jamie Burnett
5. Playing for keeps

Bryan said...

i only think i know two, and ass tempting as it is to copy kildare cueman (because he is nearly always right) i will give all 5 a try,
1. 3
2. no idea
3. Germany
4. Nick walker in qualifiers
5. Playing for keeps

Anonymous said...

2)'it takes two baby,me and cue'
3)Great Yarmouth
4)Mick Price (great spectacle)
5)Good luck mate