In tribute to the Ashes, it's an Australian theme...

1) What was Eddie Charlton's highest ever ranking?

2) Prior to Neil Robertson winning the 2006 Grand Prix, who was the last Australian to reach a ranking tournament final?

3) How many Australians have played at the Crucible?

4) Who beat Quinten Hann in his only ranking event semi-final appearance?

5) Who beat Neil Robertson on his Crucible debut?


Betty Logan said...

1) 2
2) Warren King
3) 6? (I know it's at least 4)
4) Peter Ebdon sticks in my mind for someone reason (Hann made the semis at the Irish Masters in 2004 which was the year Ebdon won)
5) Haven't a clue, but I'm going to guess at Stephen Hendry although I have a feeling it was Murphy he beat on his debut.

jamie brannon said...

I will guess at most of these.

1. 3

2. Warren King

3. 4

4. I think it was in Irish Masters? Half a point, Dave?! I will guess at Peter Ebdon.

5. Stephen Hendry

Urindragon said...

1. #3
2. Eddie Charlton
3. 5 - Robertson, Charlton, Hann, Warren King, John Capbell
4. Peter Ebdon
5. The Maestro himself

jamie brannon said...

I was going for five, but wasn't sure John Campbell had entertained us at the Crucible.

The Ebdon guess was an educated one, for similar reasons to the person above.

John McBride said...

Didn't Paddy Morgan play in the Crucible?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hendry has beaten Robertson,Murphy and Paul Hunter on their debut

Anonymous said...

Question 4 is interesting. If Hann was not losing 5-6 to Ebdon, then the Final will be Hann vs King with 1 of them will already won a ranking tournament 6 years ago.

Anonymous said...

paddy morgan is irish