I don't care to add up the time I've wasted over the years trying to get newspapers interested in features on snooker.

Sadly our sport is not one that grabs most sports editors - unless there's a scandal, of course, then they can't get enough of it.

I've tried to get stories about various players into papers only to be met with a familiar refrain: 'I've never heard of him. Can't you give us something on Ronnie? Actually, there's a lot of football this week so we probably won't have any space.'

For me and my colleagues in the pressroom it's a common problem. The regular core of snooker writers are committed to the sport but are not miracle workers.

But I have this blog and may as well use it. I hope it plays a small part in promoting snooker.

To this end I will shortly be embarking on a series of exclusive interviews with well known - and not so well known - faces in the sport.

I figured if the papers don't care then I may as well post them on here. Different versions will appear in the magazine itself.

First up is Neil Robertson whose interview proved to be so wide raging that it will be split into two parts, the first of which will appear tomorrow.

Any media outlets looking on and wanting to steal the quotes can do so as long as they properly attribute them. My lawyer is watching, or at least he will be when he returns from his holiday in Tahiti. He's only been away for six months.

Forthcoming interviews will be with top players, lower rankers and those behind the scenes.

If you have any suggestions on who to interview, pass them on.

Similarly, if you are a player reading this who feels you don't get the media coverage you deserve, feel free to contact me on snookersceneblog@aol.com.


Anonymous said...


i realise by posting this that others may pretend to be me and "steal this idea", but i am going to post it anyway.

i would like to interview YOU

if thats at all possible and you can check theat people making posts are one and the same then id like to do that sometime in the future

jamie brannon said...

Papers do seem to run interviews with players ahead of the Crucible and not just Ronnie.

I would like to hear from him, predictable I no, but I am not sure if I have seen an interview between the two of you of any depth.

Tony Drago, would be a fascinating one as he always wears his heart on his sleeve.

I am not so interested in some of the top players, although Robertson is engaging. It would be good to flag up some of the foreign talent.

Clive Everton interviewing Peter Ebdon or Willie Thorne could be quite tasty, considering the tension between Everton and the other two!

The idea seems best for the magazine, as it sometimes is a little too heavy on match reports and not punctuated by something else, this is why it disappoints me we don't get the notebook every major tournament, as it breaks it up a little.

Anonymous said...

I've asked to interview Dvid before, but didn't get anywhere. I think it would be fascinating. Would love to post questions to David and get answers.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to these. They'll be great. It's the only thing this blog lacks. It will make this blog the most complete on the web. A great step forward.

Dave H said...

Anyone who wants to interview me can email me

Anonymous said...


An interview with World Billiards Champion Mike Russell would be good.

TazMania said...

I agree only Ronnie comments have made it on the press in the last few years. In a way i think ronnie could be hinderence to snooker in the long term. He is over 35 (I Think) maybe in Ronnie years he has only 3-4 seasons left in him before he retires!(Considering he is already missing events this season and his mental stability) after he retires the press will lose interest, as they haven't publicised any other players in the mean time snooker will have no representation in the press. Other players like Neil, Selby, Murphy, Maguire need to somehow get themselves in the press now.

Matt said...

Might take you up on that.

Anonymous said...

Quinten Hann ?
Disgraced,but would be interesting to hear his take on things,what he does now,will he return etc etc.,....

Donal said...

I doubt you'll be able to manage it, but an interview with Quentin Hann would be absolutely epic!

Betty Logan said...

I back the Hann interview!

Anonymous said...

I was also going to suggest Quinten Hann but they beat me to it!

Also, Molly Newbold, Janie Watkins, Jack Lisowski and Malcolm Thorne please.

Anonymous said...

alain robidoux
chris small
doyle (both of them)
alison fisher
kevin kelly
kelly brook
kirk stevens
igor from brazil
howard the driver
mr chamberlin
pat mooney
margaret thatcher

Executor said...

Michael White, Andrew Higginson, Stuart Carrington, Daniel McCann, Shachar Ruberg :-)

Anonymous said...

Good initiative Dave, well done!

Maybe some guys from the TV registration teams would be interesting, getting into the technicalities of recording snooker.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Walker please

Anonymous said...

There were some good interviews in On Q - I am sure one with Drago - on 110 Sport (note the word 'were' Hulk)

Anonymous said...

An interview with Graham Miles would be insightful as to what really happened in the Pot Black era of Tantrums and Tiara's.

Anonymous said...

Dave, please interview Stephen Hendry. And perhaps do a comeback interview with John Higgins. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


You should remember you did the interview!

jamie brannon said...

What I would like to see from Dave, is a post one time outlining how he got into the world of snooker, from the beginnings of your post-16 education to the position's you occupy now.