The Sportsman - the sports betting newspaper set up last March - has today shut down.

This is particularly disappointing for me as I was their snooker correspondent.

I was in the first issue and I was in what proved to be the last issue. If I say so myself, I got off to a blinding start by tipping James Wattana to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan in the China Open in the very first edition.

In fact, the whole of that tournament was successful for me but tipping, just like punting itself, is about swings and roundabouts and I didn't enjoy much success at the World Championship (tipping John Higgins to win the title; Michael Holt to reach the quarter-finals).

My last two tips? Ding Jun Hui to beat Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry to beat Steve Davis in tonight's Premier League.

The results? 5-1 to Jimmy and 5-1 to Steve.

Perhaps this is a good time to bow out.


Anonymous said...

If you'd have had a double last night on a White/Davis win it would've come in at 120-1.

Am trying to remember the last time White/Davis actually won on the same night together at the PSL.

The Sportsman was struggling right from the start. But, with all the money invested in it, it still couldn't stop it from staying afloat. Bit like the Daily Telegraph at the moment.

Dave, is there any news on what you posted earlier about this announcement to do with the Masters?

By the way, is the Irish Masters coming back? As I heard it was booking a new venue that was logistically the problem and not sponsorship.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I think World SNooker are now announcing the Masters news next week.

The Irish Masters ended because the original dates for last year's tournament were awarded to the China Open without the Irish promoter being told.

The only other available dates clashed with the US Masters Golf, which RTE also cover, so they couldn't do both.

Last I heard there was the possibility of court action. I very much doubt the event will be back on, which is a shame because it was great fun.