Oh dear.

Stephen Hendry was so appalled by the table on which he lost 3-2 to Andy Hicks today that he launched into an angry tirade against playing conditions.

Hendry was clearly annoyed by a number of bad bounces off cushions and suspect contacts.

Here's what he said: “It was the worst table I’ve ever played on in my life. I’ll get disciplined for saying it but we’ve been complaining about this for two years and nothing has ever changed.

“You can’t play any positional shot or any safety shot. They’re verging on unplayable.

“The players keep being asked to say what's wrong with the tables but they still don’t get any better.

“They are very difficult to play snooker on. I turned pro at 16 and never remember ever having a bad bounce off a cushion.

“We’re not supposed to say anything because I’ll get pulled up for disciplinary action now, but something has to be done.

“It’s diabolical. It’s verging on a farce out there. It looks like sour grapes because I’ve lost but the tables ruin the enjoyment for the players."

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