It's hard to believe that Alan McManus, so consistent throughoutb his career, is now out of the elite top 16, let alone down to 52nd in the provisional rankings.

If he continues to struggle the Glaswegian could even be off the tour at the end of the season.

But McManus himself insists he isn't having sleepless nights about his provisional standing.

He told me: “The rankings don’t really worry me. I’ve always been a bit of a believer that it’s only numbers. The snooker balls don’t know the number you are just as a horse doesn’t know what price it’s running at.

“I suppose you don’t want a decent ranking position and it’s better from a money point of view but then there’s a lot of pressure on the top players.

“Being where I am isn’t that much of a problem. If you can get some matches under your belt it’s not that difficult to climb back up.

“Being further down the rankings you have to play more matches, which is a good thing.

“What’s terrible is that we have to go two or three months without playing. You end up stop-starting and get rusty when you want to be competitive all the time.”


Anonymous said...


Does McManus still take part in pool tournaments in the US? Am sure I heard he plays a lot there over the summer recess.

He always seems to have a good tournament when the pressure's on!

Last semi-final I remember him making was the defeat to Hendry in China in 2004/5 season.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

Alan's never played pool in America to my knowledge, although he is rather enigmatic

jim said...

hi dave,just new to your website, you are doing a great job,you are spot on with the word (enigmatic)for alan,i thought i would be by his side for all of his snooker career ,i could write a book on my experiences with alan,loved him !like a wee brother to me ,we spent a lot of time together,i was his (caddy) you could say for his rookie years, i was so proud of what we achieved !