The attendances here have been truly dreadful – far too many empty seats considering all the top players in action.

Why is this?

Aberdeen is one of the more remote parts of Scotland but the crowds for the six ranking events staged at the Exhibition and Conference Centre from 1997 to 2002 were excellent. It was even known for 10am sessions to be virtually sold out.

Next month's Betfred Premier League night at the venue is also sold out.

The new round robin format was supposed to engender additional excitement and interest but it is yet to catch on.

As far as I can see World Snooker have promoted the event, in partnership with one of the local newspapers, pretty well, but still the people are yet to turn out in large numbers.

Everyone hopes the crowds increase as the week goes on because it looks bad on the television to see snooker’s top stars plying their trade in front of largely empty banks of seats.


Anonymous said...


Do you have daily crowd figures to hand or are they not available?

Am interested, as the TV table's have looked desolate, then another camera angle makes it look quite busy.

Maybe when the knockout round begins on Wednesday will the crowds turn up...or maybe its the weather!

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

The crowds seem to be steadily building up - hopefully it will be full come the weekend