Jimmy White lost his first two qualifying matches in the Royal London Watches Grand Prix at Pontin's, Prestatyn on Saturday and is now struggling to reach Aberdeen.

White was beaten 3-2 by Tom Ford and 3-1 by Joe Jogia and needs to win his last four group matches to stand any chance of making the TV phase.

However, another veteran, John Parrott, who beat White in the 1991 World Championship final, made a much better start, beating Drew Henry 3-2 and Dave Gilbert 3-1.

You can follow the scores live on GSC and worldsnooker.com by clicking the links to the right.


Anonymous said...

John Parrott 3-2 Drew Henry
John Parrott 3-1 Dave Gilbert
John Parrott 1-3 David Roe
John Parrott 3-0 Jeff Cundy

How many matches do you think he'll have to win out of the next 3 to qualify?

Dave H said...
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Dave H said...

I'm sure if he wins two of them he'll be through. It may only have to be one depending on other results.

A word of warning, though: maths was never my strong suit!

Anonymous said...

Its all looking bad for John Parrott now... would you take a look at Group D and try and make sense of it.

Trump played 4 won 4
Parrott played 5 won 3
Roe played 5 won 3
Preece played 5 won 3
McGlinchey played 5 won 3
Gilbert played 4 won 1
Henry played 5 won 1
Cundy played 5 won 1

David Roe vs Dermot McGlinchey is later today, before Parrotts match. Both those played have played 5 won 3 just like Parrott... so Parrott is going to down the table whoever wins.

Its all confusing

Anonymous said...

Parrott lost 3-0 to Trump... impossible for him to qualify now

Anonymous said...