Nothing like a friendly start to the new season.

Graeme Dott, who yesterday launched the Royal London Watches Grand Prix, is quoted in today's Aberdeen Press and Journal as saying of Ian McCulloch, his first round conqueror at the Crucible last season: "To lose to McCulloch at any time is disappointing. I don't like the guy, I don't respect him and I don't think he is any good."

And then he told the Aberdeen Evening Express: "I couldn't have played any worse. Honestly, you could have taken a guy off the street and he would have beaten me. Yet McCulloch only managed to win 10-7.

"After that McCulloch said that Anthony Hamilton was in a different class to me, which is disrespectful. No disrespect to Anthony, who is a fantastic player - but has he won the world title? No.

"It is not good etiquette to say something bad about a fellow player, but since McCulloch has I feel no reason to hold back. McCulloch has done nothing, and will do nothing in the game - so I find his attitude astonishing."

Let's hope they don't end up sitting next to each other on the plane to Shanghai this weekend.


Anonymous said...


Are we finally getting some rivalry on tour?

Some of the quotes after the game between the two seemed less than eloquent about each other. I could sense some needle about it. But, is it me, or does Graeme's personality infuriate players? He also got under O'Sullivan's skin a little bit.

Whatever next? Opposing players throwing jelly babies onto the green baize possibly...

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Graeme Dott being exposed for something on the front page of the Daily Record many years ago? I only vaguely recall something about this does anyone have more info?

Dave H said...

Joe - problem is I can think of a couple of players who might eat them.

Graeme is a fiery character all right. He thinks, rightly in my view, that he's never got the credit he's deserved, although it seems strange to bring the business with McCulloch up all these months on.

As for the question about the newspaper, the story wasn't true.

Anonymous said...

Silly comments by Dott which he will only regret.
He needs to focus on the coming season and use his Crucible defeat as motivation.If he is unable to focus he won't win any trophies this year and will blow a decent chance at becoming World number one.

Anonymous said...

I think Hendry is a more dignified competitor than any of his Scottish counterparts. He has shown class as a person more than the likes of Dott, Higgins, or Maguire.

Anonymous said...

I come from the same part of the world as Graeme and I should explain that nursing grievances and harbouring bitterness are two of our proudest regional traditions. In fact, were it not for illness, operations and hospital appointments, we wouldn't have anything to talk about.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Dott Big Ed Ian Mac is the most arrogent and bitchy person in snooker who has very little respect for many of his fellow peers in the game and I will now support Mr Dott who in my opinion is a very good judge of character.

Dave H said...

Graeme is a nice guy. He's funny and self-deprecating and he's harnessed a 'me against the world' attitude to great effect.

Ian is good company and very friendly. He's been in two ranking finals, the Crucible semi-finals and the top 16, which is more than most players can boast.

It's just a case of two people who don't get on. There's not necessarily anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Ian ME ME ME Mac.

Anonymous said...

oooo bitchy. If Dott is so good when was the last time he beat Ian in a comp then? try never.... Dott is wrong to call someone who is clearly a much tougher match player than he is.

andy said...


I know Ian reasonably well. He's been coming over to Switzerland since the Swiss Open started about 4 years ago. He's a nice genuine guy who loves his snooker and I think he feels blessed to be able to play for a living. He's always mingling with the crowds and signs as many autographs as possible. He will stop and chat to anyone that approaches him. In my conversations with him I've never known him to be disrespectful even though I've given him the opportunity to be so! :-) As for Graeme Dott, I've never met him. His comments sound like they're a little harsh to me. I've heard Hendry say similar things about Ian which was disappointing for me to hear as Hendry was always a bit of a hero of mine...

I could never imagine John Higgins making comments like this, ...his behaviour has always been exemplary and he seems to have the utmost respect for all his fellow competitors/players. A true gent in my book.

I think I'll write about this on my own blog to get things rolling again... My enthusiasm is building in anticipation of the new season!! :-) Shame Ronnie's not there right at the start!