How about this for a stat: Steve Davis’s victory over Fergal O’Brien yesterday means that he has now won matches under five British Prime Ministers.

He turned pro in 1978 under James Callaghan, won six world titles under Margaret Thatcher, entered a gradual decline under John Major, declined further before enjoying a revival under Tony Blair and has begun his 30th season on the circuit under Gordon Brown.

Davis looked rusty for much of the match against O’Brien. He had barely practised all summer and suggested his cue would have woodworm in it when he got it out of its case.

But the 49 year-old loves competing, got stuck in and fought back from 4-2 down before producing a fine finish as his run of 99 gave him a 5-4 victory.

This remarkable sportsman shows no signs of running out of steam just yet.


Anonymous said...

49 year old?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it's August 22nd.


Anonymous said...


Although it was a long drawn out affair, it was a strangely fascinating match for so early in the season.

Good win for Davis and is surely on his way to another top 16 place for next season.

Do you know how badly Mark Williams performed in his defeat by Stuart Bingham? If the warning signs weren't there last season, they are now. He really is struggling.

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the "surely on his way to another top 16 finish" comment.
I'd love for it to happen but Davis tends to have more off days than on and he won't always get players like O'Brien to beat.His only hope is regular matches against Williams:)
I have no sympathy for Williams as he has abused his talent for many years.99% of players would kill to have his ability and it's sad to see such a great talent go to waste.
Of course he won't be bothered by any criticism and could point to his 2 world titles to defend his "approach" to the game.

Dave H said...

Mark is struggling but it's wrong to say he's abused his talent

He stopped practising for a while but has been back working hard

I certainly wouldn't write him off yet