No I hadn't forgotten to update this every Monday as promised, I was in Edinburgh. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, this week it's www.snooker.org.

This is a site run by Hermund Ardalen, a snooker obsessive from Norway. Hermund set it up back in 1994, when Stephen Hendry still had a few world titles left to win, Jimmy White was still hoping to stop him winning them and most snooker folk thought the internet was an arcane term used in fishing.

Today, there's plenty of competition but WWW Snooker is still a first rate resource for anyone with an interest in snooker.

Not least, Hermund runs a prediction competition for those wishing to forecast the results of tournaments (nobody tipped Dominic Dale to win in Shanghai I notice).

There is a huge archive of results, ranking lists and player stats as well as links to all manner of snooker related sites.

There was a time where this site was pretty much the only place on the world wide web where anyone interested in snooker could go.

That isn't the case now, of course, but Hermund was there before everyone else and deserves respect for all his efforts.

You can also check out his blog www.billiardpulse.com for coverage of and links to all major cue sports competitions.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where I could find any information in English on the Paul Hunter tournament which starts in Germany in a couple of days, such as a draw? :)

Hermund said...

Thank you very much!

I check your blog every day. Please keep up the great work.