Dominic Dale is known as 'The Spaceman' because there are times when he appears to be on a different planet to everyone else.

He's an eccentric. People who don't think there are any characters in snooker obviously haven't met him.

Today, Dominic faces Ryan Day in the Shanghai Masters final ten years after winning the Grand Prix, his only major title.

In fact, this is his first final since he beat John Higgins 9-6 at Bournemouth - the longest ever wait between a first and second ranking final.

I wish Dominic well. I did quite a bit of commentary with him for Eurosport at the World Championship last season and what shines through is his sheer love of snooker.

Indeed, my colleague Neal Foulds tipped him to win the Shanghai title on the very first morning of the tournament on the basis that 'if anyone's been practising this summer, Dominic has.'

Day is a tough opponent and will start as favourite but 'The Spaceman' wasn't given much hope against Higgins and, ten years on, is playing as well as he ever has.


Anonymous said...

Well, he's gone and won it. Congratulations to him, hope he does well this season

Anonymous said...

Rex Williams challenged for the World Final in 1965 and then reached the 1986 Rothman's Grand Prix final. A 21 year gap, although the 1965 final was a challenge basis and the rankings weren't introduced until 1976, so not strictly accurate to say he waited longer than Dale, although he sort of did!
A largely pointless post this one, in retrospect!

Anonymous said...

Great call from Neil Foulds BTW!!!

Mat Wilson