And they say there are no characters in snooker...



Anonymous said...


How nice to Dominic Dale pick up his second world ranking trophy - nearly 10 years to the day. The comeback on Sunday evening was even more remarkable, considering, Day is now beginning to show signs of being a top 10 player for years to come. Also, I wonder whether at any point Dale thought about what happened this time last year to O'Sullivan in the semi-finals of the NI Trophy. Maybe that was a bigger spur...? Or was it the new cue...?

Couple of other points:

Is their talks for a seventh world ranking tournament this season and, if so, what is is?

Is it an error or has Mark Williams really dropped to provisionally 42nd in the world from 12? I knew he was struggling, but that is a huge drop and not something that is common in the world rankings.

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

What's My Way in Chinese? Is there any indication of what prompted this extraordinary rendition?

Dave H said...

Mark is 42nd and really up against it

There are 7 ranking events planned and the possibility of one more, but where it is we will have to see

I was delighted for Dom. He loves snooker and the new cue and positive attidude carried him through. I think the biggest thing was being back in the top 32 - he felt like he was on the up before the event began.

Anonymous said...

I once had to sit through another Dale performance after a golf fundraiser last year.
It was a mixed reaction but fair play to him he's certanly not shy anyway.