Barry Hearn has issued the following statement following the AGM:

"Obviously I am delighted with today’s decision of the voting Members of the WPBSA and I relish the opportunity to revitalise the sport of snooker in the ensuing months ahead.

"There is a lot to be done and I can’t wait to get really involved, but there is still the question of my actual appointment to the Board being legally resolved.

"I am sure this will happen in the next few days and then the fun starts!

"At this stage all I can promise the membership of the WPBSA is total transparency, coupled with a regular supply of truthful information.

"Today is the beginning of a new era in snooker – we start NOW."


Anonymous said...

Not taking things for granted at all is he?

porridge said...

i'm just so happy. hopefully all these legal nonsenses are quickly resolved.

Dave, when (or better put: if) everything goes smoothly, any chance for special podcast, where you, mr Everton and mr Yates talk about the future of snooker and of course, interview of Hearn included? for old times' sake. :)

one last podcast. mother of all snooker podcasts. what do you say? :)

kimball said...

Anybody remember the red numbers for the Mita Masters fiasco 1991?

Hearns brainchild, and as well, he has learnt to "package"the package since then.

Everything, except snooker could turn to gold.

Took 18 years, but time is right and finally,there are a new cadre of stars fighting the legends.

Good luck to snooker!

Anonymous said...

Has to be up there with Martin Luther King that one.

Anonymous said...


What would happen if Hearn was to abolish the World Snooker Limited and set up his own commercial body, would they take him to court?

Does the sport need it. Why can't we have just one body that controls everything to do with the sport, instead of these fat cats alledgedly siphining off money, and not helping the game.

Good luck Barry, but to be honest, it couldve been Mickey Mouse for all I care. The sport needed a change, and so did the governing body that runs it!

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I don't know, but he'll get there somehow.

Quote from The Guardian: "There's a bad weather forecast for Bristol [home of the WPBSA]. There's a hurricane coming and it's not Alex."

adiemus said...

Hearn has proved himself a bright mind time and again. He has the right type of urgency that the promotion and marketing of snooker has been crying out for. Plus, he is an entrepreneur who understands the importance of the bottom line. Sure, nothing is guaranteed but at least his energetic and positive approach is better than Sir Rodney's assertions that all is rosy in the garden when the lack of meaningful sponsorship deals indicates it plainly isn't - and hasn't been for a long while

Unknown said...

So is Hearn in or what?? What has to happen next for him to be involved, another player vote?

Can't wait to see Mr Hey Yous "Mad" ramblings on the Hatter, sorry matter....

Anonymous said...

Before everyone starts patting each other on the back, all I will say at this moment is 'Watch This Space'.

I personally think there maybe a flaw in this grand plan to get Hearn on the board.

As the WPBSA statement says:
"Lee Doyle and Dr Hamish McInnes, will now co-opt further individuals to the board, as a matter of priority. The first such appointment will be a professional player, as governed by the constitution of the WPBSA."

If they do as I think they will do and co-opt 5 others, then the board is full, and therefore no EGM can be called to install Hearn. This was one of Rex Williams tricks with Bob Close and others a few years back.

Why on earth did someone not think to propose Hearn and others when Walker, McMahon & Dunn put themselves up?

This could get very messy and further damage the sport, if that is possible. But it may be next December before the players have their man in place.


p.s. Would'nt it be funny if Mr Hey You got co-opted :o)

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Dave
The time has arrived to take stock.
Time to cull the lower rankers and make them do better at their chosen sport.
Failing that, go out and get a trade outside of potting balls.
The new era will embrace Ronnie O'Sullivan and Jimmy White when he returns from his national service in jungle terratories.
The board members are currently down to a mere two, one of which nobody believes actually exists.
These are changing days for snooker, no doubt the future is bright but not for some.
Jim McMahon did sterling work for the WSA, sterling I tell ya.
Mr hey you

Janie said...

Kim. The Mita World Masters was one of the, if not THE, most innovative event in the history of snooker.

I played in it. I loved it.
I didn't like the tie-break, but only because I lost one!

Hope the Indian heat didn't affect you!

Anonymous said...

Hearns first job should be to force the BBC to get rid of Dennis Taylor and John Vigo and appoint Clive Everton as head commentator with a team consisting of Foulds, Griffiths, Thorne and ...Hendon ;)

Anonymous said...

Shaw Taylor used to commentate on snooker years ago.
Awful he was, better when on Police 5.
Keep 'em peeled.

Anonymous said...

Thorne? Come on, the only thing he does is to twist everything he says into something akin to betting! Taylor is OK and I can stomach Virgo more than Thorne but at the risk of hijacking this thread into one on commentary, the one thing I do STRONGLY agree with you is BRING BACK CLIVE!!!! Foulds is also a first class commentator.

Greg said...

I doubt Hearn is going to have changing commentators as a priority....

But, I agree Willie Thorne is the absolute pits, Taylor and Virgo might get a bit too pleased with themselves sometimes but nowhere near as bad as Thorne.

kimball said...


we all loved Mita - Black&Decker,
and it was innovative on a to huge
I think it burned Mr.Hearn for a long time regarding snooker.

I were there, saw my boy get whipped by a young McManus and then settled down wathing the live movie Iraq 1.on BBC, for five days.

Wasn't very hot in India, was it?

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to take the wind out of peoples sails, but more voters did'nt vote to remove Walker, McMahon & Dunn (32 out of 72).

Just over 44% is hardly a landslide.

Dave H said...

Actually we don't know that for sure because, pathetically, the WPBSA is still refusing to reveal the voting figures

These people don't seem to realise what's coming their way...

jamie brannon said...

Janie, you played in the Mita Masters were you a handy player then? Im glad that Hearn is coming in, but a bit worried by fast fix talk, I hope he is not going to overload us with six red events, but I would like to see a ranking event with the shot clock, it would suit the needs of ITV 4.

Anonymous said...

Voting figures were

Dunn 24 for 35 against
McMahon 24 for 35 Against
Walker 25 for 34 against

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you! I’m sorry lad, but I can’t understand how you allowed the above mentioned post 7:16pm “Fine Art” article through as genuine. The post is by our dear friend Mr Imitator.

I consider being imitated an honour Dave, but I think “They” are giving me an importance; I am not entitled to. Mr Imitator should try and retain integrity, it is a precious quality and can’t ever be reclaimed or “Bought back” even with a Lottery fortune.

My comments on Mr Hearn are naturally reserved! I quickly recall that snookers favourite son “The right Reverent Jimmy White often changed his name to Chris Eubank to get contact by phone with his then manager Mr Barry Hearn.
This of course could have been business expediency by Barry to stop Jimmy from spending all his pocket money in one “Sweetie Shop”. Mr hey you

PS. The copyright © sign is real Mr Imitator, but is sadly only effective and frightening in a court of law. DM

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi. Ole Timer.
The Mita Masters was unique: It brought the Mayor of Malta and his family over to see snookers two greatest entertainers clash in the final.
I think Jimmy should have let Tony have his big day. Poor ole Tony must have had a few sleepless nights.
I sometimes wonder if Tony has ever gone back home. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you! I have just read the article by Mr Nunns on the artist Damien Hirst and his love of snooker. It is very magnanimous of Mr Hirst to donate a masterpiece to Ronnie O.

It would be even more wonderful and generous if he had put his painting up for grabs as an additional “Snooker Trophy” to kick start snookers new administration.

At the expense of seeking much disapproval I think that Damien has got it wrong about Ronnie and “Genius” and fallen into the trap of “Thinking” like a keen snooker player.

The word Genius has been banded around in snooker and has come to mean Quote:- A player that can produce top snooker skills consistently with apparent ease and played with above average pace. Plus the hubris thought of some professionals; if “I” can’t do it! “He” must be a genius

To quote a real Genius:- You do not really understand something, if you cannot explain it to your Grandmother. Mr Albert Einstein. Mr hey you

PS Quote by Ronnie! “I don’t know myself how I do it” when queried about coaching his friend Ronnie Wood the worldwide entertainer. DM