Very sadly, Stephen Maguire’s grandfather, Paddy, has died on the eve of the Pukka Pies UK Championship.

But for Paddy, Stephen may never have become a top player. When he was a boy, he practised at his grandfather’s house after Paddy knocked down a wall between two rooms to install a full sized table.

He was a charming man and understandably very proud when Stephen won the UK title in 2004.

Sadly, Stephen will have to miss the funeral to play in Telford.

“My granddad told me he wanted me to go to the UK Championship. That’s what he wanted me to do, and I will be carrying out his wishes,” he said.

“Naturally this is a sad time. But I can console myself thinking he did see me win and about how much he enjoyed being in York that night I won this title.”

Everyone at Snooker Scene sends our sympathies to Stephen and his family.


rex said...

Everyone back in Ireland sends sympathies to Stephen and his family. Tony @ pool tables dublin


Heartfelt, wishes and thoughts are with Stephen Maguire and his family.From a MASSIVE snooker fan (Myself) R.I.P PADDY MAGUIRE...

Anonymous said...

In Bulgaria too...((((((

southerner said...

Go, Stephen! Do it for Grandad, this year!