Last season's World Championship was the second most popular sporting event for users of the BBC red button service.

It attracted 3.96m viewers, more than any BBC event other than Wimbledon.

In October, the BBC axed one of its two Freeview channels available through the red button, limiting snooker viewers on this platform to only one table.


Greg said...

"But don't worry, it's available on the BBC website!"

Asking your viewers to huddle around a laptop is not a good long term future plan for any sport, in my opinion.

I hope that Barry Hearn agrees with me...

Dave, long term, I wonder if the Tories' plans to deregulate the media if they win the next election will in any way have an effect on the way sports coverage goes? I know that's a really broad question and it's a long way off, but do you think there might be something in that one?

That is, if they win!

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi David
How are you lad! I’ve just had deco as you suggested Dave at “The Barry Hearn Story” by snookers ubiquitous and fearless reporter: “Yates of The Times”

Phil writes with a lilt now, and to a degree with a freedom of expression in character with the “The Times”, we must not forget those capital letters. Phil happily is free from the Clive Everton shackles that had reduced the sports writer to an obsequious wreck

I wonder Dave? Would Phil be willing to publish that article on “Honesty” that you are afraid of? Phil in his Times article talked of brutish honesty and Transparency is expected from Mr Hearn.

Maybe I should ask the question again Dave: “Was Joe Davis wrong to put Copyright symbols on his books”? Is it right or wrong to sell snooker coaching diplomas without seeking some authority from Joes then Widow June or Joe’s estate? Or at least, seek written permission from the WPBSA.
Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

just shows how popular the game still his despite the negative press it constantly gets hopefully now barry hearn can build on this and get the game back to where it belongs