Mark Davis pocketed a Christmas bonus of €10,000 by winning the inaugural 888sport.com Six Reds World Championship in Killarney tonight.

Davis, the world no.47 from Sussex, defeated twice Crucible world champion Mark Williams 6-3 in the final.

And it means his six year-old son, Jack, and daughter Millie, aged two, can enjoy an extra special festive period.

“It’s good timing and the kids will be pleased because they know they’ve got a good present coming,” Davis said.

“I played well all through the tournament. I had some luck, which you need with this shorter format, but I made some good breaks in the final.

“With the standard of the players who came here it was always going to be a bit of a lottery as to who won. I’m just happy to be the last man standing.

“I enjoyed the whole week. It was a good tournament and very well run. Killarney is a lovely place and it’s fair to say I’m a big fan of six reds snooker.”

Davis, 37, had previously won two minor invitation events, the 2002 Masters qualifying event and 1996 Malta Masters.

To reach the final he beat fellow main tour professionals Gerard Greene, Jamie Cope, Mark Joyce, Joe Swail and Mark King.

He twice trailed Williams by a single frame but from 2-2 was the stronger player, knocking in breaks of 71 and 65 on the way to clinching victory.

Williams edged Sheffield amateur Adam Duffy 5-4 on the black in the quarter-finals before completing a comfortable 5-1 semi-final defeat of Barry Hawkins.

“I’ve had a good week,” the Welshman said. “It was more relaxed than the ranking tournaments and Mark played very well from 2-2. He deserved to win.

“I think all the players have enjoyed this tournament. It’s something different and I’m a fan of the six red format.”

Reigning 15 red world champion John Higgins saw his bid to complete a unique double ended by a 5-1 defeat to Mark King in the quarter-finals.

Ken Doherty, beaten by Duffy in the last 32 and one of the tournament organisers, said he was pleased with the first staging of the short form World Championship.

“The feedback I’ve had from the players has been very positive and we’ll definitely be back next year,” he said.

“There’s no doubt that six reds snooker has its place and we hope to be even bigger and better in 2010.”


Anonymous said...

Well done to all.

Anonymous said...

Snooker© The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi Dave
How are you! Very glad that the new format of six reds was claimed a success, though I doubt if we will see another on live television. The game lacked “Something” but held the same excitement as the turn of the cards in pontoon.

Our new big chief Barry was very quick to make his first big decision as Chairman for ever remuneritve by giving “The Right Rev Jimmy White his last visit to the Wembley Masters. I think Barry was right this time as a “Fair-Ye-Well to the wee man. As Jimmy always guarantees bums on seats every performance.

The jolly ole bookies Dave will be giving a belated Xmas box with Jimmy’s inclusion. The latest odds are 125/1. Betfred may make it a nice round 500/1 to draw the crowds, as that would be a fairer price, but a nice “Kidum” to the ever generous punter. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

This event is the future of our sport. The sooner we can get more ranking events down to 6 reds the better.

Anonymous said...

Did Anonymous at 2.39 actually watch any of the Six Reds?

For me it was the most boring, farcical thing I've ever seen on a snooker table. It made the Pot Black Timeframe fiasco of 17 years ago look like a triumph.

If that's the future of the sport than you can keep it as far as I'm concerned. Thankfully, I don't think it will be. For some reason there's a belief out there that the new chairman is a big fan of Six Reds but I haven't seen anything to back up that theory, and I suspect he probably isn't an advocate of this nonsense.

Especially not with Steve Davis working alongside him. Steve comes out with some bizarre things from time to time, but I believe he'll see this Six Reds for the irrelevance it is, and in the unlikely event that Hearn does want to do more of it, I would expect Steve to advise him otherwise.

Anonymous said...

4:21pm "For me it was the most boring, farcical thing I've ever seen on a snooker table"

Have to agree with you, what's next in store, the 3 red world championship, 9 red, 12 red, can we just get back to normal 15 reds, i might be old fashioned but i don't like this 20/20 style in cricket term's of snooker...

Anonymous said...

Bring back "Big Break" and make it a ranking event!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Davis has said that Hearn favours these short sharp knockouts and even hinted at there being best of three frames ranking events. One thing I'd warn them about that is that as a betting man, this would destroy snooker as a sport to gamble on, it would just be the equivalent of playing roulette.

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Dave
How you are old chap! I feel quite sorry for that wee lass Miz Evans in the six ball game. She was full of beans and really enthusiastic about the game. Enthusiasm and fight will win rugby matches but is not a substitute for a game of skill and finesse.

Like all female players Reanne tries to play as good as a man and sells herself short. Reanne has really seventy years experience of witnessing, the Lady Player’s complete failure in matching the men in both billiards and snooker; therefore should realise, “There’s something wrong” here.

A secret that women don’t know is that all snooker is played on “Habit” and then called “Form”. If it is good form Dave the men call it there “Technique”, and for some players; the top form becomes there natural ability. Practice does not make perfect, but it does reflect reasons for shots missed; and shot success if you stop and define it.

Stance, balance, cue grip, cue action, going down correctly on the shot, are a few of the rudiments and basics required before you start any coaching lessons. Potting balls is the easiest part of advanced snooker. The ladies first job should be get rid of the male attire. Cosmetics and women’s gear is a bigger industry than tobacco. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you! I’ve just read on the World Snooker page Ronnie’s boast that he can win the top six snooker tournaments six times if he sticks around. This is sad for snooker Dave.

A very ancient mister once said: “To whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”. In every day parlance Dave; I think Ronnie boy has had it. I don’t know any medical terms Dave but the lad is “Away with the birds”.

If the great Stephen Hendry claimed he could take two tournaments two times in six years it would be a betting possibility with our Betfred at very generous odds. To claim 6x6 is the same odds as repeating that cow that jumped over the moon. Mr hey you

Greg said...

Best of 3 ranking events?


The thing that puts people off is the atmosphere (or lack of it) and some silly aesthetic things. People who want to watch gimmicks and lotteries disguised as a legitimate contest already have a great show, it's called Deal or No Deal and they're not going to turn that off to watch snooker.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hey You "Hello Dave
How are you! I’ve just read on the World Snooker page Ronnie’s boast that he can win the top six snooker tournaments six times if he sticks around. This is sad for snooker Dave"

What it actuall says is "Ronnie O’Sullivan believes that he could win snooker’s biggest titles half a dozen times apiece, if his career goes on for long enough"

Biggest title's i assume The world's, uk and master's, with 3 world title's he's half way there long odds but still a possibility.

With 4 uk's and 4 master's title's he's only 2 away and has he said if he stick's around i believe it could be a possibility.

Why would this be sad for snooker if he did manage it???

Nott said...

Congrats to Mark Davis.

But I found 6-reds to be rather dull. With future events my stand will be 'watch it if I got absolutely nothing else to do'.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mr 10:18, Hello Dave
I am sorry Mr 10:18 I have not made my self clear with my opinions on Ronnie’s boast. On ability Ronnie is capable of winning almost any tournament, but when a person starts talking like a budgy he is overdue an “Appointment” with a medical mister.

Ronnie has never been boastful; in fact he has been a credit to the game in his modesty. There are many that have a great deal to be modest about giving strong opinions. Ronnie sadly has been reading some rubbish press that talks of “Genius” and the young man is starting to believe some of the exaggerated drivel.

For the record Mr 10:18; to World Snooker champs and top players generally a “Genius” is a player doing something they can’t do nor understand. Ronnie’s ONLY problem in snooker is the frustration felt; not being able to articulate to the world how it’s done. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

Well if Ronnie is overdue an “Appointment” with a medical mister, you Mr Hey You are well overdue a straight jacket.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi Dave, Hello Mr 12:22AM
No hard feelings mister on your “Straightjacket “crack. That is what blogs are for; to give opinions and observations. Ronnie was acting out of character, hence the facetious budgy remark.

Ronnie is really a very clever and honest person mister. Ronnie is the only professional player when queried on coaching (his friend Ronnie Wood) that has admitted; ”I don’t know myself how I do it”. Both Ronnie and Jimmy White have coached and entertained Mr Woods for some ten years.

Like Jimmy White of twenty years gone by! If Ronnie could harness, “Bottle” and copyright his skills with articulation and detail, the whole world would play snooker “The Ronnie O” method.
Mr hey you
PS. A snooker tip and truth worth knowing mister 12:22 AM. Snooker is a game of copycats. No one knows how to play; except by the “Watch Me” and I’ll show you again method. DM

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hey You, you keep calling me Mr, when i am a Miss, anyway nice chatting with you always a good debate cheers MR!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Snooker Miss, Hello Dave
How are you both! I am sorry lass for being presumptions and assuming you were male. It feels strange to find a female interested in the lovely game. My personal opinion Miss X is that snooker is really a female game, but don’t tell Dave.

The game calls for “Timing” a choice of “Tempo” and mostly a set chorography routine. To the male blogs reading this Miss X it seems like treachery but these contentions for snooker are real and will remove the dull sameness seen in today’s pro snooker.

I would like to pursue the subject more Miss X, but David’s blog members love the game as it is though dull and insipid. Seasons Greetings, My dear and may the balls run kindly.Mr hey you