Ali Carter today became the 32nd player to compile a century of centuries in professional competition.

He had been on 98 since the Welsh Open until coming to Telford this week.


Anonymous said...

Afternoon David;

I've been enjoying the Ali Carter v Ding Junhui game this afternoon in the company of your colleagues at British Eurosport.

During the opening frames Mike announced that there could be a strong possibility of the Malta Cup returning.

Do you have any further information on this? IE itf it does, will it be the seventh ranking event of the 2009/10 season?


Dave H said...

I believe it's now unlikely to take place but we'll see

Anonymous said...

Mike is compeletely out of touch with snooker in every way.......

Anonymous said...

Is he still married to Sarah Greene?

Anonymous said...

856, mike hallet is worse

ive lost count the amount of times he guesses wrong and says im sorry" or "my appologies".

he is the worst commentator in snooker by a mile, which is a shame as he was a very good player and is a nice guy.