Barry Hearn has won the support of players for his plans for the future of the game by a margin of 35-29 at today's EGM.

Hearn commented: "I'm delighted by the outcome. I do not underestimate the challenges that lie ahead, but for the moment snooker is united and the future looks rosy.

"I owe the game a lot and I will make sure that I will be giving 100 per cent every day to bring it to the level at which it should be operating."

Davison said: "We congratulate Barry on securing the votes of the playing members of the WPBSA and wish them and all the stakeholders all the best of luck in the future."

World champion Neil Robertson said: “I am very excited that Barry has won the vote, and about what he can do for this sport.

“I think he can make it more attractive to people, and also deal with the integrity issues that need sorting.”

Peter Ebdon said: “I genuinely, 100 per cent, now hope that Barry takes the game forward and back to the place where it should be.”


Anonymous said...

35 + 29 = 64

Does this mean everyone voted?

porridge said...

I'm so happy.

Now snooker's future looks really bright indeed. I'm not satisfied with the close call and hopefully this really was the last hurdle. At least for now.

Congratulations to mr Hearn.


Great news.

We can now look forward to a new era in snooker, where the game is controlled, for the first time in its' history, by somebody who not only knows what he is doing, but has the wherewithal, the resources, and the unimpeded freedom to drag the game, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

Greg P said...

Bring on the bikini-clad girl referees!

witz78 said...

Wow, that was close but glad justice has been done and Hearn survives to continue the good work hes started. Onwards and upwards, lets hope all players unite now and focus on playing, leaving Hearn to concentrate on working his magic and reviving our sport. A great day for snooker!

Anonymous said...

I would also hope that this will be the end of things but knowing the anti's who are involved I am sceptical.
Let Barry Hearn do the job and let him start right now.

Trophymad said...

Gosh! I'm so relieved! Now the new calendar can come true and we have this marvelous shoot out and and and! Hoory!!! C'mon Barry :-)

Anonymous said...

2:47pm - why, what happened? What was the meeting like?

Anonymous said...

What was Nick Barrow doing there?

porridge said...

Forgive my ignorance but who the hell is nick barrow?

Anonymous said...

Nick Barrow is a member, qualifier coach and intelligent guy who once walked on hot coals.

Janie (EBSA Media) said...

Right then, can we all get on with the work now to take our sport forward, and cut out all the crap and politics once and for all please!!

and if you're all suffering from snooker deprivation, we're whacking balls in from all directions here in Bucharest at the Euro Champs.

Kristjan Helgason is no 1 seed for the mens knockout and it's a very strong draw, with a record 19 countries represented.

Let's go forward together...

Janie said...

ha ha - I love the messages I'm getting here in Romania off your blog Dave...

Comentariul dvs. a fost salvat şi va fi vizibil după ce va fi aprobat de către proprietarul blogului.


Anonymous said...

Barry Hearn- "I owe the game a lot and I will make sure that I will be giving 100 per cent every day to bring it to the level at which it should be operating."
I see Barry resisted the opportuninty to say he was giving 110 percent then!!!

RichP said...

Good news, well done Barry, never in doubt!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!!! For once a truly positive bit of snooker news. Congratulations Barry and congratulations snooker.

Anonymous said...

I just hope all those who opposed it now get on board, rather than start a campaign of sniping and backstabbing.

RichP said...

On a side note, this Higgins thing is dragging its heels a little, I thought it was going to be sorted pronto.

CHRISK5 said...

So,Snooker becomes just another sport in the Matchroom empire including Golf,Boxing,Darts,
Betting & Poker etc.

With that in mind,I hope Hearn
stays as focused on the Snooker as he said he would.

That said,with a record breaking
20 events carrying ranking points
next season - including 7 Rankers &
13 PTC events - It is a great opportunity for players who want to put more effort & desire into
competing more often than they did previously.

I understand the new PTC's are going to carry 2,000 pts for the winner & the PTC Final 3,000 pts -
which is not much less than
the Welsh Open - so there will be plenty of incentive to enter them.

In the days or weeks ahead -
hopefully Hearn can elaborate more on his plans for the major events.

Keeping the balance of having
novelty short-formats while still
having the Worlds & UK in particular with the longer formats.

Also,still adding new Ranking events here & there if possible.

And yes,we look forward to hearing what Davison,Hendry,Ebdon say next!

Is the dust settled ? - Not so sure
on that.

Ali said...

Sooo pleased right now.
This has made my day and cheered me up since Federer was knocked out of the French open.

I'm 100% sure Hearn will slowly revive the sport and increase media attention.

All the opposers should now just unite in the vision for the future.

Anonymous said...

why should i unite if i think the very close vote went slightly in favour of the one i think best?

i am not saying it wasnt fair. it was as fair as usual....

i just dont want to support someone if i dont think the right choice was made by the high majority, but only a few votes swing......

i am quite sure that had the ball been on the other foot thered be much more posts on forums and ratio less calling for unity

Anonymous said...

5.20, can you stick your interpreter on there for a minute