The first Players Tour Championship event has been marked by a 147 break from Kurt Maflin, a Londoner who has spent most of the last decade living in Norway.

Maflin won the European play-off event in Romania last month to return to the pro circuit.

This was despite an accident early this year in which he slipped on ice and broke his collar bone. Maflin was left requiring a six inch plate and seven screws in his shoulder.

His biggest break of the year, though, has come in Sheffield, although there is no prize for a maximum.


Anonymous said...

What a start!

Hermund said...

Utrolig bra!

Heia Norge!

CHRISK5 said...

Shaun Murphy is an early casualty in the 1st round.

No prize money or ranking points.

There goes the guarantees !

Having the top seeds come in at the last 128 in PTC is an excellent idea & levels the playing field somewhat.

Anonymous said...

should be £1000 for a max, at least...

Kiss Zsolt said...

Hello, Dave, have you got any information on Ronnie's injury???


Wow. Seems strange checking live scoring for a ranking tournament on a bright June evening.

Normally at this juncture on the calendar we would have Sir Rodney and his board settling down in the cave for six months well paid hibernation.

The 147 is becoming pretty commonplace now. I suppose its a bit like a century in the Joe Davis era or a 140+ in the 1980s.
Still nice to have one all the same.

Hope its a great tournament.

porridge said...

Oh blimey, it's definitely going to be a long evening for some. For example, Maguire's not even midway through his last 64 match...

Anonymous said...

Seen as he's followed the darts format fairly closely, I wouldn't be surprised if Bazza implements a rolling fund for maximums, say £500 added every event til one comes along. This is what happens with 9-darters in the PDC, which nowadays are perhaps more commonplace than 147s.

Anonymous said...

£100 entry for each event .u either need a sponsor or are part time . its a situation where skint pros will have to enter to take on crap amateurs who have a sponsor just because the kid made a 100 break. these events will be short lived .its blackpool 30 tables all over again. hendry and the like wont enter these until they are forced into it by some lower ranker who can only catch him in the rankings cus they can only play without the tv and the pressure of an audience.its biased towards people who cant cut it when it really matters.

SupremeSnooker.com said...

9 darters at major PDC events are now far more common than 147s in snooker. However, if you remove Phil Taylor from the equation, they probably occur roughly as often as 147s.
Well done to Kurt Maflin, an incredible achievement in what is turning out to be a brilliant year for him following a terrible start.
David- would you be kind enough to add us to your links? We say nice things about Snooker Scene often enough! Thanks!



Either this is a windup or you are a skint pro whos just been beaten by a "crap" amateur.

If you happen to be a skint pro you can always win some prize money.

If you can't win any cash then erm... perhaps a job mightn't be a bad idea

Janie Watkins said...

Oh dear the "Fine Fart" method has just taken to the table in PTC!!!

Anonymous said...

and how did farty do janie?

dave - do 147s in these events count as a 147 in ranking events?

Dave H said...

They count as an official 147.

I would say it should be in the category of 'minor ranking events' though.

I would think about it more deeply but I'm watching Doctor Who.

Anonymous said...

dave surely by now world snooker should of sorted this live scoring out it is getting beyond a joke now why are they not doing nothing about this.

Dave H said...

Clearly it's not good enough and needs to change

Global-snooker has regular updates so stick with them is my advice

Anonymous said...

theres much less at stake in these events, regarding points and £, so 147s in these would have much less pressure on them. bit of a joke to count them the same as a normal ranking event maximum

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

All super stuff so far from Sheffield.

O'Sullivan beating Selby, the top 16 proving this weekend, that they're anything but - out goes Dott,Day,King...Drago going into overdrive at 3-1 down and the 147.

Just a quick point. Having to follow a match via a electronic scoreboard is sad enough as it is. To actually have it breaking down at various (important) points in matches is ridiculous.

I suggest the WSA and Hearn get in contact with Global Snooker Centre and offer them a deal - PRONTO - to take over the website.

Marvellous job and maybe with Hearn in control he may actually acknowledge what a job they do when the official site goes down - because the old board certainly didn;t!

Roll on Super Sunday!

Thanks, Joe

Janie Watkins said...

Global Snooker has regular updates when not falling asleep over the laptop - it's going to be another 3am night I think.
But hey I've put in 36 hours in two days, maybe I can take the rest of the week off!
It's extremely annoying not being able to get in to see anything of the matches. Even when the lads are on a potential 147 you can't nip in to watch.
There's been quite a lot of very disappointed fans turn up who had no idea it was going to be so restricted.
There have been some very good matches.
Jimmy Michie and Matthew Stevens both full of praise for Igor Figueiredo. His potting is frightening and as Matthew said when he learns more about the matchplay and shot selection, he's going to be a real handful for even top players.
Kyren Wilson has also impressed people who've seen his talent for the first time here.
I had a feeling McGill was going to beat McManus tonight and that's like a Scottish handover of the old to the new generation.

Janie Watkins said...

I just got WS to reboot the live scoring. They hadn't realised it had crashed.

So now I can go and have a ciggy (until it crashes again!!)

Anonymous said...

so Janie, how did farty do?

porridge said...

Well, it's just crashed again (11.35 bst). And I even contacted WS for a laugh, hopefully they'll react in a week or two. :)

Anonymous said...


Well done to the 'shotgun.' He finally has ousted the 'rocket' 4-0. First time he's beaten him?

I think Cope will do well in this format? He can't 'Cope' with the longer formed formats - one good Grand Prix run in 06 - but he is so dangerous at the best of 7s and even best of 9s as Maguire found out in Glasgow. Wish him and think he'll get close to winning this tonight.

Thanks, joe

Dave H said...

Could be significant as well bearing in mind he is currently 17th in the rankings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Shame he missed out to a rejuvenated Mark Williams. But the points will definitely help in the 'Race To...'

Well done on Stephen Maguire on making the final. Deserves it as well. Seem to remember when the WSA was losing their grip on the running of the game - they had this idea last year of having them tournaments that offered nothing but a few quid to the players.

Think the first tournament had a good turn out from outside the top 16 and one top 16 turned up and won it - Maguire. Good on him!

BTW - Love the format. maybe next time start the qualifiers on the Wed, for a Thursday start, but most matches were completed on time
and am sure if a poll was done, most players were happy with the new idea...U should poll them.

Thanks, joe