Michael Holt, a better player than his career record suggests, compiled three centuries on the way to beating Jimmy White 6-5 in the final of the inaugural Pink Ribbon pro-am today.

World no.24 Holt led 5-2 before finally winning the decider with a run of 129, having earlier fashioned efforts of 124 and 117. White's top break in the final was 110.

Holt will now hope to take this form into the first Players Tour event on Friday. The difference here is that the ranking points on offer will add an edge of pressure, something he has felt at various times in his career.

Judging by the photo on global-snooker.com, though, he is pretty happy with his efforts - as he should be.

And it was good to see White having an extended run too.

He has been playing regularly of late through his participation in the Snooker Legends tour, where he is the star attraction.

Throughout all the ups and downs of his life and career, in which he has suffered some high profile disappointments on the table, Jimmy has never lost his love for snooker.

Equally, his many fans have never lost their love for him.

If his career were a frame of snooker he’d be on the colours by now but as long as there are balls to pot and tournaments to play in, he’ll still turn out, give his best and, win or lose, take it all on the chin.


Ramona Dragomir said...

I had the privilege to see Jimmy play in Bucharest at the Snooker European Championship 2010 some demonstrative games.

He is still on fire! And is great to see that even if he never was a World Champion he never lost his passion for snooker.
I just adore seeing him play!When he plays is just him and the passion for snooker! And the two, make quite a team, if I may say so!

Ramona Dragomir said...

I can`t wait for the PTC 1 to start. I know is not televised, but I`m sure you`ll keep us posted like you always do of what`s going on there.
Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Firstly, what a fantastic turn out for this event. We need more of this in snooker.

If only White played as good pre-season as if he did, in-season. He always picks up rather well. Well done Holt. Dave, do you think players enjoy playing in the summer season? I only ask because i believe under hearn, things will get more hectic in the summer, eh?

Shame this management group didn't manage to have Trump in the set up. He would've been a welcomed addition to this venture.

Thanks, joe


Dave, using your colours analogy, I wonder where Davis would be by now.

Second respotted black perhaps.

Dave H said...

It'll be unusual for most of them but surely welcome

Dave H said...

No, Steve's playing safe on the yellow